BBC Drama Series to Depict Whites as Slaves, Blacks as Masters


The BBC is set to run a new drama, featuring controversial musician, Stormzy, which will depict a dystopian world where white people are slaves and black people are masters.

According to Unity News Network, white characters will also be serving black guests, have their names mispronounced, and band aids will be brown.

The Drama called “Noughts and Crosses–the British name for tic-tac-toe–will feature whites as “Noughts” and blacks as “Crosses.”

At a time when nationalistic rhetoric is on the rise in the UK following Brexit, the BBC appears to have abandoned its impartiality, as, on more than one occasion, its reporters have bemoaned the number of white participants at events diametrically opposed to globalist interests.

The Guardian reported that the drama’s writer, Malorie Blackman, “hopes TV adaptation will open up more nuanced debate on race in UK.”

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She said, “Now, there’s the realization that diverse stories do make money, like the films Black Panther and Hidden Figures – it would once have been much harder to get them off the ground.

“There’s an audience desperate for new content and new voices and I think a lot of people are waking up to that.”

This comes at a time when white actors have been increasingly denied roles, historical roles being handed to minorities thus sacrificing authenticity, and with the BBC having been known to discriminate against white job applicants in the past.

Blackman went onto say:

It’s all based on true stuff

The things he [Callum] goes through particularly in school happened to me, like asking my teachers where the black scientists were on the curriculum and being told there weren’t any. Or my first time in first class on a train and being accused of stealing the ticket.

Of course it doesn’t mean that, it just means that one of the things you are being judged on is not your skin colour. In my life when I’ve flown, only once in the last 40 years have I not been called over by customs to search my bags.

The Times recently reported on a study which found that LGBT personalities and Ethnic Minorities were overrepresented on TV.

The bizarre trailer for the show, which is based on an obscure novel, can be seen below.

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