Rapper Turned Mayor Candidate Arrested For Fake Kidnapping, Assault Designed for Sympathy Votes


Police have arrested 29-year-old rapper and mayoral candidate Sabrina Belcher for allegedly orchestrating a fake kidnapping and beating against herself to garner sympathy votes in the upcoming election.

Belcher, who ran on the platform of becoming the first “black female city mayor” of Sumter, South Carolina, livestreamed the staged attack on Facebook Live with accomplice Christopher Eaddy, 34.

The hoax crime was reported to the police on Tuesday night, and Belcher was escorted to the hospital for examination after claiming her attacker had smashed her car windows and caused her serious injury.

Police were quickly able to piece together the real story, however, and Belcher reportedly confessed to the crime after being confronted with the evidence.

The Facebook Live footage can be viewed below.

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WIS 10 News reported that police also suspect Belcher of “trying to smear a political opponent during the fake Facebook Live attack, and planning to smear other candidates ahead of the election.”

Campaign literature for Belcher bears the slogan “Hold on change is comming,” with “comming” appearing to be a typo.

In addition to her political aspirations, Belcher has apparently developed a burgeoning career as a hip-hop artist.

In June 2020, Belcher reportedly released a musical track titled “Pray for Me,” accompanied by a music video.

Though the song’s lyrics are generally unintelligible, Belcher can he heard rapping the line “I got plans to make it home, but just in case I don’t, cover me in the blood of the Holy Ghost” before appearing in the music video slumped over behind the wheel of a vehicle, while police strobe lights flash in the background.

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