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Project Veritas Reveals Leaked Facebook Memo Claiming 'H1B Visas Are the Gateway to a Diverse Workplace'


On Thursday, Project Veritas began its latest expose series focused on big tech social media company Facebook.

A confidential memo sent out to Facebook staff specifies that “priority may be given to H-1B applicant,” specifically those from China or Korea. The memo elaborates that this channeling of jobs away from Americans is part of a directive to “foster larger communities of diverse workers at Facebook.”

While Facebook claims the memo was faked, Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe insists his sources have proven the document’s validity.

Facebook’s Policy Communications Director Andy Stone spoke to O’Keefe to claim that the memo was not authentic. However, six Facebook employees were issued limitations on their access to memos as well as other documents following the release of the memo.

After speaking to Stone, O’Keefe contacted the insider who leaked the memo. At this point, the insider learned his account was placed into a limited state, likely because he was suspected of the memo.

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“I’m not sure why this is happening or what’s going on. I’m not receiving any responses from anyone. I’m reaching out to multiple people, and I have yet to hear back from anybody,” said the Insider.

The full memo from Facebook is available online.

When asked by O’Keefe, “What bothers you most about this document,” the insider responded that the memo contains so much “secret” information.

The Facebook Insider told O’Keefe, “the fact that there’s so much, um, that is asked to be kept secret, bothers me extensively. I think that if there’s forces that are making decisions, people have a right to know if those, especially if those decisions affect them.”

Though it denies the authenticity of the memo, Facebook has yet to comment on the existence of any “Diversity Initiative Board” or the the alleged H01B visa policy. It is also unclear as to why Chinese or Koreans are allegedly being offered priority.

“I know several people who were invited in to work,” according to the Facebook Insider.

“They were given 60 days, and the first 30 days they had someone shadow them and the next 30 days someone trained them and then they were then released.”

O’Keefe consults with constitutional lawyer Steeve R. Klien who says, “this document that not only is that discriminating against Americans or suggesting a policy that does that, it’s also even within the H-1B process, saying that applicants from China and Korea will be prioritized to foster larger communities of diverse workers and Facebook.”

Klien tells O’Keef that in the event that Facebook is determined to have sent out this memo they will face severe penalties including pain and suffering damages up to $300,000.

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