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Poland 'Accidentally' Invaded and Annexed Part of Czech Republic


Poland accidentally invaded and annexed a corner of their neighbor, the Czech Republic, in late May, when their military was deployed to impose coronavirus lockdown restrictions–falling outside their purview.

The error was realized when the military began turning away Czech citizens from a church when they attempted to uphold coronavirus social distancing in the wrong country.

The accidental invasion took place at southern Poland border town Pielgrzymow where a road marks the border between the central European countries.

According to The Independent, the Czech Foreign Ministry claims that no formal explanation of the error has been offered, but Poland “unofficially assured us that this incident was merely a misunderstanding caused by the Polish military with no hostile intention.”

The Polish Ministry of Defense said: “Soldiers of the Polish Army support the Border Guard in protecting the state border after its closure due to the coronavirus pandemic,”

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“The operation is led by Armed Forces Operational Command, which is in direct contact with the Border Guard.”

The Polish Ministry of Defense added in a statement: “The placement of the border post was a result of misunderstanding, not a deliberate act. It was corrected immediately and the case was resolved – also by the Czech side.”

It is unknown how long the occupation lasted for, but, on Saturday, the Czech-Poland border was formally reopened after being closed down for three months due to the coronavirus epidemic.

A spokesperson told CNN, “The Polish soldiers are no longer present and our citizens can again visit the site freely,” pointing to the reopened borders.

When asked how long Polish soldiers occupied the border town the spokesperson reportedly said, “We are still waiting for the formal Polish statement.”

Poland was recently embroiled in global controversy when the Central European country clamped down on sex ed taught in school and “the promotion of underage sexual activity” was to become criminalized.

Via National File:

Protesters gathered to demonstrate against the proposal, dubbed the “Stop Pedophilia” law, which could see sexual educators face prison sentences of up to five years if found guilty.

The purpose of the legislation is to “criminalize the promotion of underage sexual activity” suggesting that sexual education teachers “groom and familiarize children with homosexuality,” according to LGBTQ Nation.

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Supporters of the legislation wrote in a statement that “The organizations and activists most involved in the promotion of sexual ‘education’ in our country are the LGBT lobby.”

“In Western Europe, members of these movements involved in implementing sex education in schools were convicted of pedophilia,” the document added.

However, Anna Blus, an Amnesty International researcher, called the legislation “outrageous” and “extremely vague and broad,” according to DW.

Central and Eastern European countries have been heralded by populist supporters for their resistance to globalist politics dominating much of the Western world.

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