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PENNSYLVANIA: 'Gun-Like Gesture' With Your Hand To Become A Crime


Soon to be added to the list of things you’re not allowed to do: clenching a fist, sticking out your middle and index fingers, and pointing your fingers at somebody–presumably adding the sound effects, “pew! pew!”

Many people find hilarity in obscure and weird laws still in effect in some places.

At a time when gun control is a hot topic after a spate of mass shootings; comes a bizarre case from Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

According to WPXI:

A Pennsylvania court has ruled that making a gun-like gesture with your hand can be a crime.

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The case is based in Lancaster County.

A superior court ruled the motion made by Stephen Kirchner made his neighbor feel unsafe.

He was ordered to pay $100 and court costs.

This kind of case could set an interesting precedent given how the victim was made to ‘feel unsafe.’

Thankfully, nobody was grievously injured by this crime.

There have been previous cases where alleged victims of incidents relating to guns have been blown out of proportion.

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In 2016, a Maryland judge upheld the suspension of a second-grader who bit into a pop tart until it resembled the shape of a gun and he pretended to fire at classmates.

A Louisiana student was investigated after a panic was caused over a square-root symbol on his homework looked like a gun.

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Police were called to this incident which was, at the time, treated as a legitimate threat.

Stories of this nature have become rather frequent in recent times.

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