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CALIFORNIA: 'Why Don't We Murder More White People' Film Aired By Arts Center


People who promote diversity or anti-racism tend to correspondingly harbor resentment towards one certain demographic.

They will make claims that it is impossible to be racist against this group.

A lot of them seem to have a free pass in spreading odium against these people who the media, entertainment, and academia blame for the bulk of the world’s social ills.

This, of course, pertains to white people.

While the media has calmed their furiously anti-white rhetoric seen before and slightly after the spike in right-wing populist movements; anti-white hatred has not only been normalized in certain circles, but it is almost encouraged.

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In San Francisco, a progressive paradise, the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts (YBCA) aired a film called “Why Don’t We Murder More White People” which was apparently screened on June 1.

Here are some quotes from the trailer:

• “I think we don’t murder more white people, because it would be dangerous to do so.”

• “I’m angry at white people most of the time, most of the time.”

The title of the film conveys a violent message–specifically at a time where whites are scapegoated as perpetrators of contemporary social troubles; as impeding progress.

YBCA was also due to air the production from July 23rd to August 25th.

The Film’s creator, Jonathan Garcia, appears to be employed by The Kapor Center as a “Culture & Inclusion Fellow.”

TRUMP 2024? Donald Declares Himself 45th 'And 47th' President in Viral Video

“Why Don’t We Murder More White People?” has an inflammatory, edgy, title.

However, if any other racial group where inserted into such a title, an inevitable outcry would follow.

Currently, this shrinking demographic has been at the receiving end of much bile.

Some activists claim legitimacy in what could be considered unbridled contempt as a vector to demolish so-called ‘white supremacy’ and a racist white superstructure which cannot contain its hostile, oppressive, nature against minority groups.

Strangely enough, this white hegemonic monolith seems oddly docile, pacified, and permissive to overt displays of seething resentment.


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