In Latest Of Series Of Betrayals, Pence Will Attend Biden's Inauguration, Not Trump's Farewell Event


Today Vice President Mike Pence, lambasted by many on the right who believe he failed President Donald Trump on January 6, confirmed that he will not attend President Trump’s farewell event in Maryland. Instead, Pence will join prominent Democrats and Never-Trump Republicans in attending Joe Biden’s inauguration.

While this was first reported earlier this month, today the Associated Press confirmed that Pence will not attend President Trump’s farewell event, and will attend Biden’s inauguration in its place.

As National File reported:

Pence, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, House GOP leader Kevin McCarthy, have all expressed eagerness and excitement over the upcoming policies of the Biden regime, with McConnell already drafting plans to work with the new administration in a bipartisan manner.

For his part, Pence has already severed ties with President Trump according to most reports. After his decision to send in the National Guard on Jan. 6 after consulting with Congressional Democrats behind the President’s back, Pence went on to praise the Capitol police and Secret Service for brutalizing pro-Trump protesters and killing 14-year military veteran Ashli Babbitt.

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Since January 6, reports have surfaced that suggest Pence and President Trump have become bitter rivals, while conflicting reports suggest they have mended their relationship.

As National File reported, The New York Times recently claimed President Trump told Pence he could “either go down in history as a patriot or a pussy” depending on his behavior on January 6. Pence infamously betrayed President’s Trump’s goal of pursuing election integrity, and instead allowed the White House to fall to Biden and Kamala Harris without a full challenge.

This comes after weeks of reporting on Pence’s character.

As National File recently revealed, Pence attempted to enact a “coup” alongside the Republican National Committee in 2016 that, if successful, would have stripped President Trump from the top of the ticket and replaced him with Pence.

National File reported:

In the audio, the Trump-Pence staffer reveals that Pence was approached by Priebus and Republican Party Chairs from a critical mass of states, and agreed to take President Trump’s position at the top of the ticket.

“They had contacted enough state chairmen, they were going to do something under the rules to change candidates,” said the Trump-Pence campaign staffer. “They were pressuring Pence to say, ‘Okay I’m good with it.’”

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The staffer indicated that Karen Pence played a large role in pushing Pence to join the “coup.”

“Pence’s wife is begging, is telling him to do it,” the staffer explained. “Pence assured Reince that he’s okay with it, he’s on board. That’s on a Friday.”

National File also published audio from the same staffer for the Trump-Pence 2016 campaign, where the same staffer reveals that Ted Cruz’s 2016 campaign manager, Jeff Roe, purchased Pence’s endorsement with the threat to pull $3 million in funding from Pence’s gubernatorial reelection campaign.

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