Pence Claims He 'Parted Amicably' With Trump, Says Jan 6 Was 'Tragic' And Thanks Capitol Police


Sean Hannity of Fox News interviewed former vice president Mike Pence on his nightly news program, and offered the controversial former official an opportunity to address his relationship with President Donald Trump, something questioned since Pence refused to use his position to act for election integrity on January 6 or the days leading to it.

This week Pence appeared on Sean Hannity’s nightly opinion program and discussed his relationship with his former boss. Pence, who is widely expected to be preparing for a presidential run in 2024, made a point to tell Hannity that not only would Republicans “win back the Congress in 2022,” but the party would also “win back America in 2024.”

Hannity then asked about the rumors of Pence’s deteriorated relationship with the 45th President, after first noting that his “sources” tell him President Trump and Pence “have a strong relationship to this day.” (READ MORE: Former Trump Advisor Describes Pence As ‘Brutus Who Will Betray American Caesar’ In New Book)

Pence claimed he had a “strong relationship” with President Trump due to their years together, though he did fumble while saying it. He then launched into a discussion about January 6, and said President Trump “talked through all of it.”

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“January 6 was a tragic day in the history of our Capitol building,” said Pence, who then went on to thank the law enforcement agency responsible for the death of Ashli Babbitt. “But thanks to the effort of Capitol Hill Police, federal officials, the Capitol was secured. (READ MORE: Trump Told Pence And Milley ‘You’re All F**ked Up’ For Refusing To Use Military During 2020 BLM Riots – Report)

“We finished our work, and the President and I sat down a few days later and talked through all of it,” claimed Pence, “I can tell you that we parted amicably at the end of the administration and we’ve talked a number of times since we both left office.”

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