Patriot Influencer Julia Song: The Feds Tried To Get Me To Join Their 'Team'


Patriot influencer Julia Song tells NATIONAL FILE that a federal agent contacted her via direct message on Twitter to get her to join their “team,” presumably to work against conservatives. Song turned them down. Song, a patriot commentator who has appeared on One America News, wants other conservatives to be wary of “federal overreach.”

Song told NATIONAL FILE that “your gut feeling (about Feds stalking patriots) is right. At least its what’s happened to me” and noted “This place (Twitter) is swarming with them.”

“They asked if i would consider joining their team. I said no and that was the end of it. I don’t know if it was a one off or if its a widespread attempt,” Julia Song said, noting that the request happened prior to the January 6 Capitol protest.

Since the January 6 Capitol protest, the Feds have been mobilized against patriots nationwide. A source tells NATIONAL FILE that “the FBI has been visiting and talking to major influencers of the Right. Seeing who they can flip and who they can bribe.”

NATIONAL FILE REPORTED: Livestreamer Anthime “Baked Alaska” Gionet revealed during an interview with Milo Yiannopoulos on Monday that federal agents have attempted to force him to cooperate with their persecution of Jan. 6 defendants by leveraging the threat of an “obstruction of Congress” felony charge over his head.

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“I walked through an open door [at the Capitol], and that’s crazy because they’re trying to charge me with trespassing and disorderly conduct,” Gionet said. “And now, the feds are threatening to slap me with a felony if I don’t cooperate with them, and I’m not even sure what that really means.”

“So just so that I understand this clearly, and people understand at home, they’re saying that if you don’t cooperate with the investigation, meaning you don’t become an informant, meaning you don’t give the names of the people that you were with, meaning you don’t assist them in jailing other Trump supporters, that they’re going to add charges if you don’t cooperate?” Yiannopoulos queried.

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