Nick Cannon Fired After Calling White People, Jews 'Savages' and 'Closer to Animals' in Racist Rant


Nick Cannon was fired from his position as host of The Masked Singer on Tuesday night after video of the celebrity calling white people “true savages” who are “closer to animals” than humans in an episode of his podcast went viral on social media.

ViacomCBS released a statement explaining that while they welcome the ongoing discussion regarding race in the United States following the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis police custody, they reject Cannon’s anti-Semitic language and have terminated their relationship with the celebrity.

“We are deeply troubled that Nick has failed to acknowledge or apologize for perpetuating anti-Semitism,” wrote the company in the statement. “We are terminating our relationship with him.”

ViacomCBS did not clarify if the disparaging statements’ extension to white people influenced their decision.

Early Wednesday morning, Cannon began retweeting several users who called for Black Lives Matter supporters to boycott Viacomm after they fired Cannon for his anti-Semitic remarks.

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In the interview with Professor Griff, recorded June 30, Cannon referred to white people and Jews as “closer to animals,” and “the true savages,” and claimed whites are “evil” due to their lack of melanin.

Prior to being fired, as the controversy first began to surface, Cannon posted several tweets acknowledging the oppression faced by Jews, comparing it to the plight of blacks in the United States, but stopped short of apologizing for his comments.

“The Black and Jewish communities have both faced enormous hatred, oppression, persecution, and prejudice for thousands of years,” wrote Cannon in one tweet. “I hold myself accountable for this moment and take full responsibility,” he wrote in another.

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As National File previously reported, Cannon spoke with rapper Professor Griff on the June 30 episode of his podcast, “Cannon’s Class,” where he made the inflammatory remarks about whites and Jews.

In addition to calling whites savages who are little more than animals, Cannon also claimed whites are “a little less” and are ‘acting out of a deficiency” of melanin.

Cannon was previously host of America’s Got Talent from 2006-2016, and resigned from the position before the 2017 season aired.

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