NEW: 'Random' Anti-White Hate Crime Strikes New York City


Some stories simply don’t match up with the media’s politically-charged narratives.

The implicit dominant narrative when it comes to hate crimes is that amid a global rise of ‘white supremacy,’ an adjoining rise in hate crimes has followed.

After the Jussie Smollett hate crime narrative sunk, the media scrambled to salvage the horrifying narrative of MAGA-hat-clad men committing arbitrary crimes motivated by irrational hatred towards minority groups.

In spite of this narrative losing credibility, and hate crimes frequently turning out to be hoaxes; stories contradicting the prevalent culture narrative are often buried.

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According to The Daily Mail, NYPD arrested Tom Lyons, 33, on Friday after “roaming Manhattan and committing hate crimes against white people including hitting a 20-year-old woman over the head with a brick.”

Lyons was “charged with hate crime assault and assault after video showed a shirtless man roaming the streets of the city and launching unprovoked attacks on at least four victims.”

Four people were attacked at random. The first victim was attacked on August 9th and another three victims were attacked on August 14th.

Authorities said Lyons called one of his victims a ‘f***ing honky’ in a hate spree police say started on the evening of August 9.

The suspect is said to have ran up behind a 56-year-old man, before pushing him to the floor.

Then, on August 14, Lyons is accused of attacking three more people including a 64-year-old woman who he allegedly hit in the neck and shoulder with a stick.

He later hit the 20-year-old woman with the brick, police say.

A 58-year-old man was then hit in the face, during an attack in which he was said to have been told: ‘Get off the street honky, you f***king honky, you don’t belong here.’

This wasn’t Lyons’ first run in with the law, as he was arrested in 2017 for assault.

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