Abortion Loving Nancy Pelosi, Paul Pelosi Sr. Visit Pope Francis At The Vatican


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her husband Paul paid a visit to the Vatican today to meet Pope Francis in Rome.

House speaker Nancy Pelosi met with Pope Francis at Vatican today, according to a report by Catholic News Agency.

From the report: “Pope Francis met with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) on Saturday. At the time of publication, the Vatican had released no information about what the pope and Pelosi discussed, in line with its usual custom for papal meetings with non-heads of state.”

Vatican Media.
Nancy Pelosi and Pope Francis – Source: Vatican Media

According to an October 9 daily bulletin, the Vatican added that she was accompanied by her husband Paul Pelosi, a member of the elusive elite club Bohemian Grove.

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Vatican Media.
Paul Pelosi (Left) and Nancy Pelosi (Right) alongside Pope Francis – Source: Vatican Media

As National File Senior Reporter Patrick Howley reported in July 2020, “Wikileaks published the Bohemian Grove’s 2008 guest list, which included Pelosi, Donald Rumsfeld, and many other globalist elites. Pelosi also appeared on the 2018 guest list alongside James Baker, George H.W. Bush and many other titans of our misbegotten modernity. Alex Jones famously infiltrated Bohemian Grove and filmed the “Cremation of Care” ceremony in which the elite guests practice a faux-sacrifice ritual to a statue believed to be Moloch, the demonic “god” of child sacrifice, or possibly Minerva according to some.”

It is unclear why the leader of the Catholic Church is meeting with pro-abortion Democratic US officials.. However, Pelosi reportedly said during the meeting that  “His Holiness’s leadership is a source of joy and hope for Catholics and for all people, challenging each of us to be good stewards of God’s creation.”

At the same time, a criminal fraud trial against an associate of Pelosi’s son, Paul Pelosi Jr., entered into the discovery phase last month.

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