Muslim Father Faces Jail Over Withdrawing Son From LGBT Lessons


A father who has refused to allow his son to attend his school’s LGBT equality lessons is facing a short jail sentence.

Undeterred by the prospect of court hearings, a hefty fine, and jail, Jabar ‘Jay’ Hussain, 51, has kept his 9-year-old son from attending Parkfield Community School in Alum Rock, Birmingham, over controversial lessons which resulted in hundreds of parents leading a protest against the curriculum’s content.

Hussain faces a maximum fine of approximately $3260 and three months in jail for keeping his son from school.

The LGBT ‘No Outsiders’ equality program has been the source of much controversy. Hussain contends that the program is “incompatible” with his Muslim faith and has ordered his legal team to request a judicial review into the matter.

The ‘No Outsiders’ program was created by the school’s former assistant head, Andrew Moffatt. Hussain remarked that it promoted homosexuality and transgenderism.

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According to Metro, in an interview with local publication, Birmingham Live, Hussain said:

“We are not against anyone expressing their sexuality or being homosexual if that’s what they want.

‘We have no issue if Mr Moffat wants to put on a dress, or dance around like a ballet dancer, or put on a skirt, we have no issue. We have an issue with teaching that nonsense to our kids.”

As part of Hussain’s legal defense, he claimed that the teaching material went far beyond promoting acceptance, before going onto say that the program “reinforces the message that it is ‘good’ to be transgender.”

Part of Hussain’s complaint included a book called ‘Introducing Teddy’ which featured a boy teddy bear who would prefer to be a girl teddy bear.

The school later advised Hussain that despite his religious faith, LGBT topics outlined in the material were protected under the Equality Act.

Early in 2019, a massive protest involving hundreds of mostly Muslim parents was launched against the controversial teaching material.

The material was later reformed before being reintroduced, which led to more protests in September.

In the EU, two parents lost custody of their teenage transgender daughter when she wished to undergo hormone replacement therapy.

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Via National File:

The parents moved to an undisclosed European Union country from Finland when their daughter was thirteen.

Two years later, at fifteen-years-old, the daughter claimed to feel uncomfortable in her body as a girl and was demanding to begin a gender transition.

When parents denied her request to transition into a boy–a procedure which would require powerful hormones and cosmetic surgery–authorities moved in to remove the girl from her parents’ custody, according to YLE.

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