Matt Schlapp Reportedly Paid Off His Groping Accuser For $480K…More Young Men Scandals Coming Out?…Sued For Racial Discrimination…Board Member Exodus

He's really getting Schlapped right now

Last Updated on March 29, 2024

American Conservative Union chairman Matt Schlapp, who runs the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), faces a new scandal after Schlapp’s male sexual assault accuser Carlton Huffman reportedly received a nearly half-million dollar settlement from Schlapp’s operation. National File partnered with The Stew Peters Network in 2023 to produce the first on-camera interview with Carlton Huffman on his allegations against Schlapp.

Though Team Schlapp touted the politico’s supposed exoneration when Huffman dropped his lawsuit over an alleged groping perpetrated by Schlapp, the scandal is far from over. A new report is sure to keep the story going and cast doubt on Schlapp’s claim to innocence. Reportedly, there may be more stories involving Schlapp and other younger guys.


CNN reported:

“The Republican operative who accused American Conservative Union chairman Matt Schlapp of sexual assault last year received a significant financial settlement in exchange for dropping his lawsuit against Schlapp, multiple sources familiar with the case told CNN.

The $480,000 settlement was paid to Carlton Huffman through an insurance policy, according to a source familiar with the details. Schlapp’s legal team did not respond for comment when asked about the financial settlement, but on Tuesday said that Huffman dropped the lawsuit and Schlapp claimed he had been exonerated…”

Matt Schlapp’s team threw me out of CPAC in 2020 for telling NRA head Wayne LaPierre to oppose red flag gun confiscation laws. I happened to make this statement to LaPierre while he was speaking in front of the audience, but regardless I was right and the Republican Establishment should have listened to me.

CPAC has been known to show lukewarm clips of Matt Schlapp’s television appearances during the conference to promote the catchphrase “Schlapped,” which apparently refers to Matt Schlapp defeating his opponents through “schlapping.” For some reason, “Schlapped” never took off with the American public.

Here is my 2023 interview with Matt Schlapp’s accuser Carlton Huffman:

National File also exposed the anti-Trump, pro-Biden beliefs of a then-CPAC official named Regina Bratton, who has since filed a lawsuit against Schlapp’s organization for $55 million for alleged racial discrimination.

The Washington Post recently reported: 

“Regina Bratton, who worked as a communications and marketing supervisor in 2021 and 2022, said in the lawsuit filed in federal court in Virginia on Friday that she was the only African American employee out of about 30 employees, interns and volunteers across CPAC.She claims she faced hostility up and down the chain of command…

Several veteran board members have quit in recent months while raising concerns about Schlapp’s financial oversight and heavy staff turnover. Last week, the ACU board’s vice chairman, Charlie Gerow, resigned and urged fellow board members to launch an independent investigation into any additional allegations of sexual misconduct besides those in the lawsuit filed by Huffman earlier this year. Some board members and staffers have been told about other incidents involving Schlapp, 55, and two younger men, The Washington Post has reported

Bratton said she was under pressure to perform personal tasks for the Schlapps outside of her job description. She was asked to style Mercedes Schlapp’s hair and promote Matt Schlapp’s book, which she says was a personal project, according to the lawsuit.”

Could Matt Schlapp’s scandal-plagued tenure presiding over CPAC be coming to an end? We shall see!

Patrick Howley

Patrick Howley is the experienced reporter who exposed Ralph Northam's racist yearbook photo, Ashley Biden's diary, Cal Cunningham's extramarital affair, the Veterans Affairs scandal, and other groundbreaking stories that have permanently altered the United States' political landscape. Follow him at

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