Man Who Discussed Plot To Kill Luna Bragged About 'My Freemason Brothers' And 'We Have To Sacrifice Some Sheeple'


Florida 13th congressional district candidate William Braddock bragged about an alleged plot to send a Russian-Ukrainian hit squad to kill his opponent, Florida congressional candidate Anna Paulina Luna. Braddock described the plot emanating from a dinner with “one of my Freemason brothers” and boasted “We have to sacrifice some sheeple.” The tape comes from a conversation between Braddock and conservative activist Erin Olszewski on June 9, 2021. (THE AUDIO IS HERE)

“We were at the dinner, at Hoppers, in front of everyone. One of my Freemason brothers, a billionaire, was going to actually, we’re bringing in, we’re going to get over a half a billion dollars from offshore, from Malta and Gibraltar, to fund my campaign,” the man says. “We probably have access to a hit squad too. Ukrainians and Russians. You did not fucking hear that from me.” Braddock described the hit squad as “Russian mafia.”

“This shit is getting deep, and I don’t want you to be on the wrong side of it,” Braddock said. “Don’t get caught in public, like, supporting Luna. Because Luna supporters are going — Luna is gonna go down, and I hope it’s by herself,” said William Braddock, explaining that if Luna beat him in polling then “she’s gonna be gone, she’s gonna disappear. And you cannot tell anybody that. For the good of our country we have to sacrifice some sheeple…The few. For the better of the good. Of the majority of the people, we’ve got to sacrifice the few.”

“This is beyond, this is beyond my control at this point,” Braddock said. “I’ve got Freemason brothers offering me Russian hit squads…I’m in deep.”

I previously reported: New scrutiny is being placed on Kamala Harris personnel after revelations of her California DOJ aide’s extensive activism as part of a Masonic lodge in Los Angeles.

VIDEO: Bodycam Footage Shows Traffic Stop Of NBC Employee Who Followed Kyle Rittenhouse Jury

Documents show that former Kamala Harris aide Brandon Kiel is a Masonic “Grand High Priest” who campaigned for his boss Harris at a Masonic grandmaster gathering. Kiel served as Harris’ deputy director of community affairs at the California Department of Justice.

Kiel also appeared with his Masonic brothers behind the LAPD at a press conference during Trayvon Martin-related instability.

The man in the top hat on Kiel’s left, Supreme Sovereign Grandmaster David Henry X, died on the day in 2016 that Kiel’s charges were thrown out for impersonating a police officer. Kiel served with the “Masonic Fraternal Police Force” in Los Angeles.



NATIONAL FILE REPORTED: Whoopi Goldberg apologized after she was caught wearing a Prince Hall Masonic seal on her sweater during an episode of The View. The scandal represents a victory for free-minded Internet truthers who realize the role elite secret societies play in the world power structure.

Goldberg claims that she did not understand the implications of wearing the Masonic seal on her sweater, but her excuse does not seem credible considering all of the years Whoopi has spent in Hollywood among Masonic elites.

Masonry at low levels is portrayed as a kind of gentleman’s group like the Elks Club. But many prominent Freemasons at high levels drive or promote the globalist agenda that sustains the rule of the plutocrats and the oppression of the people, all while duping regular people with poisonous entertainment and fraudulent news. Why do celebrities keep flashing Masonic symbols? Some people believe that Masons or Mason-sympathizers telegraph their secret doings to make their “craft” even stronger. Others, like those who believe Goldberg’s explanation, think the entire phenomenon is more benign.

VIDEO: Bodycam Footage Shows Traffic Stop Of NBC Employee Who Followed Kyle Rittenhouse Jury

Clearly, Goldberg’s apology shows that Red-Pilled Truthers are not going to allow Masonic symbology in pop culture to go unnoticed ever again.

Basketball commentator and former NBA star Shaquille O’Neal admitted to being a Freemason, flashing a Masonic ring that he associates with his “profession.”

Ashton Kutcher likes to strut his stuff.

Same goes for Simon Cowell.

Maybe Cowell can explain what was going on in this very bizarre “X Factor” advertisement?


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