MAGA Heads To U.S. Supreme Court With A Chance To Win Pennsylvania


U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sam Alito has given President Donald Trump a chance to win Pennsylvania at the Electoral College. Alito mandated that the state of Pennsylvania must file a response to the Republican Supreme Court case trying to de-certify the election due to unconstitutional mail-in voting. The state of Pennsylvania must respond by 9 AM on Tuesday December 8. That puts the Supreme Court case well within the deadline of the so-called “safe harbor” December 8 “deadlines” in some states that the Democrat media talks about. The Amistad Project found that these December 8 “deadlines” are not actually real in disputed states. An active Supreme Court case can stretch out and affect the entire election. The lawsuit was filed by the Republican Pennsylvania congressman Mike Kelly and another congressional candidate. Pennsylvania is seen as a “domino” state that could give other states a chance to de-certify. Right now, the Electoral College is slated to vote on December 14 and Congress to certify the Electoral College vote on January 6, but those deadlines are not set in stone in the Constitution. President Trump’s team is committed to fighting up until January 20, the inauguration date. On Monday, Ted Cruz declared that he is prepared to present the oral argument on behalf of the Republicans at the U.S. Supreme Court in the Pennsylvania case. The fraud evidence in Pennsylvania, presented below, is staggering, and massive, and it must be shown to the world.

The Pennsylvania Republican legislators are massively supporting Trump, but the party leadership in the Republican-controlled House and Senate said that they will not be sending pro-Trump electors to the Electoral College. This is a major betrayal by legislative Republican leaders, similar to the actions of the subversive Republican House speaker in Arizona.

The Supreme Court case docketing is a good win for a Trump team that is definitely still on the field playing ball.

The Supreme Court is providing hope as the state legislative leaders fail to stand with the President.

The Pennsylvania legislative leaders in both Republican-controlled chambers confirmed “legitimate and credible issues” in the 2020 American election in their state, but they are not planning to send pro-Trump electors to the Electoral College.

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Georgia governor Brian Kemp has called for a signature audit of the Georgia election but faces opposition from his Republican Secretary of State, after Kemp dithered for a long period of time and allowed a recount to happen without a proper audit of the votes. Kemp has stepped in, too little too late, to spare his political career in the eyes of Trump Nation. In Arizona, the Republican House speaker issued a seething anti-Trump missive that makes it clear the “Fix Is In” across the political class in both parties.

President Trump’s team led by lawyers Rudy Giuliani and Jenna Ellis has done an amazing job presenting the election fraud to the world, beginning with a thunderous hearing in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania before a Republican State Senate committee. But ultimately it looks like the party leadership is subverted, even though Pennsylvania House Speaker Cutler previously raised the prospect of not certifying results until an audit could occur. No proper audit occurred. Some Republican legislators are holding the line and they want Congress to challenge Joe Biden electoral votes, as Rep. Mo Brooks of Alabama has vowed to do.

“The General Assembly lacks the authority to take action to overturn the popular vote and appoint our own slate of presidential electors. While we clearly recognize the need for legislative action to address the issues presented by the 2020 General Election, some of the actions requested by our residents would require us to disregard the statutes and Constitution we have fought so hard to protect,” said the Republican House and Senate leaders including Cutler, who confirmed “very legitimate and credible issues.”

It is the contention of the Trump legal team’s Jenna Ellis and many other observers that state legislatures have the Constitutional authority to choose electors of their choice, especially in a “failed election” marked by fraud and foreign interference.

Pennsylvania was ripe with fraud and irregularities as presented by Trump’s team and witnesses at the Gettysburg hearing.

Republican Sen. Doug Mastriano pledged “We have to make sure the real winner is sent off from this election” to cheers from the crowd, but it looks like patriots just don’t have enough pull in the industrial state that has declined economically since the 1970’s due to globalist outsourcing and rampant corruption. Philadelphia in particular was a mess during the paper ballot-counting that handed Biden his media-endorsed lead. Jenna Ellis urged the legislature not to certify the fraudulent results in a state where President Trump held his most inspiring rally in Butler, Pennsylvania prior to the election. Rudy Giuliani urged a path forward whereby Pennsylvania could disqualify approximately 682,000 supposed votes, including thousands of ballots in the state that were returned BEFORE they were sent according to date records. One particular “spike” in the vote totals resulted in 570,000 votes going to Biden and 3,200 to Trump. A canvas observer in Philadelphia who observed the process for 85 hours — though he was held back behind a barricade like all observers and could not actually view the ballots — cast extreme dispersions on the entire process in Philly, and rightfully so.

One Gettysburg hearing witness said that ballots were supposedly damaged and needed to be “duplicated” by poll workers with pink highlighter, then they were told the pink highlighter was not working in the scanner machines and they needed to be duplicated again. This is similar to Arizona, where voters were told to use sharpies despite concerns that sharpies do not show up in the machine totals, only ballpoint pen ballots. “Action must be taken now,” said an observer at Gettsyburg. A forensic observer revealed that in his Pennsylvania county there are 47 USB v cards missing, “They are nowhere to be found.” A GOP watcher and another Democrat watcher both agreed that they saw boxes of 60,000 to 70,000 ballots stored in a back room, hidden while voting was going on, and many of the ballots disappeared (similar to Fulton County, Georgia where suitcases full of ballots were secretly counted late at night, as caught on videotape). Virtually all chain of custody logs in Delaware County are now gone. 30 USB drives were stolen from a warehouse in Philadelphia. A registered Democrat poll worker named Olivia Jane Winters was told “Why don’t you shut up?” by one of her fellow workers, and one said that this is “going to become a racial issue.”

Ultimately, the legislative leaders in Pennsylvania are proving what residents of the state have known for decades — namely, that their political representation is vanishing in a system that is complicit in a globalist corporate-government takeover to disenfranchise the working class American people once and for all.

SABATINI: Uniformed Antifa Terrorist Attempted To Bomb 100+ At Florida J6 Rally, Media Complicit





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