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BREAKING: Ted Cruz Says He Will Argue PA Election Fraud Case In Front Of The Supreme Court


Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) indicated to Fox News on Monday that if the case brought by Congressman Mike Kelly, congressional candidate Sean Parnell & State Rep. candidate Wanda Logan challenging the constitutionality of the proclaimed election results in Pennsylvania reaches the United States Supreme Court, then he is willing to argue said case using his expertise as a constitutional lawyer.

“If #SCOTUS grants cert in the PA election case, I have told the petitioners I will stand ready to present the oral argument,” Cruz stated in a tweet accompanied by a video of his remarks to Fox News.

“Petitioners’ legal team has asked me whether I would be willing to argue the case before #SCOTUS, if the Court grants certiorari,” Cruz continued. “I have agreed, and told them that, if the Court takes the appeal, I will stand ready to present the oral argument.”

“As I said last week, the bitter division and acrimony we see across the Nation needs resolution. I believe #SCOTUS has a responsibility to the American People to ensure, within its powers, that we are following the law and following the Constitution,” Cruz concluded.

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During an appearance on Sean Hannity’s television show, Cruz said Pennsylvania officials are “defying the law” to “potentially steal the election”:

In a fiery segment on Fox News’ Hannity, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) weighed in on the ongoing crisis in Pennsylvania, where a court victory for the Trump campaign resulted in a judge ordering election officials to give them access to the vote tabulation area was met with further obstruction by election officials who refused to let them in, followed by local sheriffs who refused to enforce the court order.

“What we’ve been seeing the last three days is outrageous, it is partisan, it is political, and it is lawless, and we’re seeing this pattern in Democratic city after Democratic city but the worst in the country right now is Philadelphia, Pennsylvania,” said Cruz, “Where they’re not letting election observers in despite clear state law that requires election observers being there, despite an order from a state judge saying that election observers have to be within six feet of the ballot counting.”

Cruz’s recent comments have marked a change in his rhetoric towards a more pro-Trump stance on the outcome of the 2020 election.

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