MAGA FOREVER: 67% Of GOP Voters Want Trump In 2024 Or Another Candidate With His Beliefs - Pew Poll


A poll conducted by Pew Research reveals that 67% of Republicans either want President Donald Trump to run a third time or want another candidate who shares his policies and views.

According to results of a Pew Research survey conducted to find the beliefs of Republicans and independents who lean toward the party, over two thirds of the Republican Party’s voters either want President Trump or his message to remain a part of the party.

44% of Republicans and Republican-leaning independents say President Trump “should remain a major national public figure” and run for President in 2024. Another 22% of those surveyed say President Trump should remain a “major” voice in the party, but would “support another presidential candidate who shares his views.”

Thus far, this candidate seems elusive, though some think they may have found it in Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis. When polled, the Florida Governor is usually placed behind President Trump, but well ahead of other candidates including former vice president Mike Pence.

Ironically, the results of the Pew Research survey closely mirror those of the unscientific CPAC 2024 straw poll held in Texas earlier this year. In that poll, President Trump won with 70% of the vote, while DeSantis placed in a distant second at 21%.

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Other Republicans largely believed to be vying for the White House, with Pence being the most obvious and Abbott the second, received almost no votes in the straw poll. Sen. Rand Paul came in third with 1% of the vote, leading a crowded field of candidates unable to pass that number, including two Texans polled in their home state. Sen. Ted Cruz scored 1% of the vote, and Texas Gov. Greg Abbott received 0%.

Pew also explains that the share of voters who believe President Trump should continue to dominate politics “has grown 10 percentage points – from 57% to 67% – since a January survey” conducted in the wake of January 6, when support for the 45th President waned to its lowest level.

While Republicans seem to view President Trump and his policies with increasing fondness, Democrat views on President Trump have remained largely unchained since January, with the overwhelming majority preferring that he would leave politics.

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