Kyle Rittenhouse's Lawyer Announces Suit Against Biden Campaign For White Supremacist Accusation


Kyle Rittenhouse’s lawyer is set to sue the Biden campaign, after they implied that the 17-year-old was a white supremacist in a political advert.

During the first presidential debate last night, moderator Chris Wallace asked President Trump if he was willing to condemn white supremacist militias who are allegedly inciting violence in the streets of this country. As National File reported:

“They need to stand down and not add to the violence in a number of these cities as we saw in Kenosha and as we’ve seen in Portland,” Wallace asked Trump, likely referencing the self-defence shooting of three antifa members by Kyle Rittenhouse last month.

“I’m willing to do that, but almost everything I see is from the left wing, and not the right wing,” President Trump replied. I want to see peace.” Joe Biden shot in and shouted at Trump, telling him to “say it, do it, say it.”

“What do you want to call them? Give me a name?” President Trump asked. Chris Wallace and Joe Biden both replied at the same time, with Wallace saying that Trump should condemn “white supremacists” as a whole, but Joe Biden picked out that he should condemn the Proud Boys, founded by Gavin McInnes and currently run by Enrique Tarrio.

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“Proud Boys?” President Trump replied. “Stand back and stand by, but I’ll tell you what, somebody’s got to do something about antifa and the left because this is not a right wing problem,” refusing to condemn the Proud Boys as a whole.

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The Biden campaign took that clip from the debate, and used it to claim that President Trump “refused to disavow white supremacists,” despite the President having done so time and time again, including directly after the Charlottesville riots.

When the audio of Chris Wallace played mentioning Kenosha, an image of Kyle Rittenhouse appeared on the video that Biden tweeted out:

This was not taken lightly by Lin Wood, who is currently representing Kyle Rittenhouse. Wood wrote on Twitter that a formal demand for public retraction was being prepared against the Biden campaign. “I also hereby demand that Joe Biden immediately retract his false accusation that Kyle is a white supremacist and militia member responsible for violence in Kenosha,” Wood continued.

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Shortly after, Wood announced that he would sue the Biden campaign for libel against Rittenhouse. “I am a non-partisan trial lawyer who aggressively pursues truth to achieve justice,” Wood said. “Put in your hearing aid, Joe. You will hear footsteps.”

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Wood added that when the case came to fruition, “no wire or computer contact lenses” would save Biden during a deposition. “I will rip Joe into shreds,” Wood said. “Ask witnesses who have had the misfortune of sitting across the table from me under oath. You don’t mess with my children, my pup, or my clients.”

Marina Medvin, another member of Rittenhouse’s legal team, wrote in a statement that there is “absolutely no evidence, not even a pinch, of this defamatory accusation that my client Kyle Rittenhouse is a white supremacist”:

My client is a 17-year-old patriotic, dutiful American boy who came to “help people,” that’s in his own words. These words are enshrined in videos that have been shared all over social media from that night in Kenosha. Kyle came to Kenosha with his medic kit to help rioters who are injured. He talks about this in these videos. “If anyone is getting injured, I’m running into harm’s way,” he says. There are videos of him screaming to the crowd, “if you are injured, come to me.”

Medvin said that accusations of him being a white supremacist was a “dangerous storyline” that was concocted by “online trolls and then parroted by mindless politicians and pundits”:

The flagrant defamation needs to stop. They can retract and apologise, or they can deal with Lin Wood in court. It’s their choice. As for the criminal charges, I am not going to address the issue of self defence before trial. What I will say is this – there are countless lies being spread about Kyle Rittenhouse – lies about him crossing state lines into Wisconsin with a rifle and lies about him coming to Kenosha to shoot people – and these are absolutely false. The lies and propaganda need to stop.

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