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KENYA: Hungover Man Wakes Up With Penis Missing


A man who went out for a few beers with his friends woke up with the world’s worse hangover when he discovered his penis was missing.

The man only found out his penis was missing when he went to the bathroom in the morning.

Neighbors were disturbed to find Moses Wanyoike, 51, screaming in agony and shock.

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According to The Daily Star:

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“We hoped we could find it and take it to the hospital in time for it to be stitched back on. It’s unfortunate that did not happen.”

Moses reportedly spent six hours drinking with friends before heading to one of their homes at around 2am.

“Throughout the journey, he kept on telling me that he would circumcise me,” he told K24 Digital. “I treated it as a bad joke, I just thought he was drunk.”

Local prosecutors believe that this was a drug-induced act of cannibalism.

A man, Gerald Mbugua, was arrested by local police in connection with the strange crime.

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This isn’t, bizarrely, the first story this year where hungover individuals have discovered their genitals to be missing the morning after.

A man in China had his penis cut off with a sharp tool during a heavy drinking session.

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In 2013, a drunk Dominican man woke up to find that a dog had eaten his genitals.

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