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KENOSHA KICKBACK: Antifa Reportedly Hunts, Shoots "Trumper" in Chest in Portland


A man identified as a “Trumper” was shot in the chest and killed in what appears to be an Antifa-related assassination in Portland on Saturday night, as crowds of protesters cheered the murder in the aftermath.

The brazen shooting occurred as the mostly uneventful parade of trucks and vehicles organized by pro-Trump citizens came to a close Saturday night.

In the footage, one man can be heard identifying the victim as a “Trumper,” for wearing gear from the group Patriot Prayer.

“We got one right here, we got a Trumper right here,” the first man says. A second man, presumably the shooter replies “right here?” to confirm, and seconds later shots ring out.

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Antifa accounts initially claimed that the victim was black, and attempted to portray the shooting as some form of “conservative/fascist” violence against innocents.

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Later on in the night, one Antifa member told the crowds of the true political identity of the victim. “I just got word the person who died was a Patriot Prayer person,” the woman said. “He was a f*cking Nazi. Our community held its own, and took out the trash,” she continued, to cheers from the crowd. “I am not going to shed any tears over a Nazi.”

The mainstream media reporting of the shooting was criticized by conservatives for their misleading coverage, including implying that the shooting took place as part of wider clashes related to the earlier caravan of Trump supporters through Portland, despite the caravan being finished by the time of the shooting.

Others noted that the media have characterized Patriot Prayer as a “far-right group,” while refusing to label Antifa or BLM as “far-left.”

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Democrat media like the New York Times and Huffington Post attempted to portray the shooting as some sort of self-defense, describing the shooting using the word “clash,” as if the shooting took place amid some sort of skirmish.

Caravans of Trump supporters came through Portland on Saturday night, in a counter-protest against Antifa and BLM riots that have been taking place in the Oregon city for the last few months.

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