Kamala Harris Now Regularly Takes Calls From World Leaders As Biden Goes To Bed At 7 p.m.


Vice President Kamala Harris is now taking calls from world leaders in lieu of Joe Biden, first speaking to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on February 2, and just yesterday speaking with French President Emmanuel Macron. It is unclear if Joe Biden’s early bed time of 7 p.m., revealed by CNN, could be the reason why.

On February 2, “Vice President Kamala Harris spoke with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Monday, marking her first call to a foreign leader since entering the White House.”

It appears to be far from her last call, however. Harris spoke with extensively with President Macron last night, “and expressed her commitment to strengthening bilateral ties between the United States and France and to revitalizing the transatlantic alliance.” Harris also “thanked President Macron for his leadership on the issue of gender equality and for France’s contribution to NASA’s Mars 2020 Perseverance rover.”

This comes as CNN reports that Biden’s schedule is unique among presidents: He starts working at 8 a.m. and stops working at 7 p.m., going to bed shortly after.

Even CNN notes that this is peculiar among presidents, writing “Unlike his most recent predecessors — night owls who spent the dark hours reading briefing materials (President Barack Obama) or watching television (President Donald Trump) — Biden is more of an early-to-bed type. He has continued a tradition of reading letters from Americans, a handful of which are tucked into the briefing materials he brings home in the evenings.”

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This is an especially stark contrast when compared to President Donald Trump, who sleeps only four hours per night and begins working in the extremely early morning hours.

In 2018, President Trump’s White House physician noted, “I would say he sleeps four to five hours a night,” adding, “He’s probably been like that his whole life. He’s just one of those people who just does not require a lot of sleep.”

It is unclear if Biden’s rigid schedule is preventing him from speaking to world leaders, or if he has delegated the task to Harris.

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