Joey Diaz Mocks Rogan Spotify Deal: 'When You Cash That Big Check, You Gotta Watch What You Say'


Comedian Joey Diaz poked fun at podcaster Joe Rogan over the latter’s massive exclusive contract with streaming giant Spotify, which has received backlash over stances that align with other traditionally left-wing, hyperwoke Silicon valley tech platforms.

“Poor Joe Rogan, he put the apology up,” said Diaz, a longtime friend of Rogan. “That’s hard for my dog, my heart goes out to him, he had to put an apology up and s**t…”

“Things were good in the basement, dog,” Diaz said, referring to Rogan’s previous podcast set. “Once you take that Spotify money, you gotta start apologizing, making believe you care about tr**nies and stuff, now he’s gotta go to a tr**ny parade, donate ten dollars every month. Any day now you’ll see Rogan hanging out with tr**nies down in Austin, start jumping up and down. Poor guy, that’s what happens when you get that money, when you cash that big check you gotta watch what you say.”

The comedian also appeared to take a shot at Rogan’s claims that his content is now independent and free from censorship.

“Aren’t you lucky you’re independent now?” Diaz jibed.

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The comedian continued, “Did you see him? He’s gotta do the apology: ‘My name is Joe Rogan, I can’t kill deer no more,’ you can’t do nothin’ no more.”

The full video can be seen below.

Rogan is currently the subject of an internal boycott at Spotify led by transgender employees.

Videos of Spotify staff discussing politics have also made the rounds on social media.

Multiple noteworthy episodes of the Joe Rogan Experience podcast, such as those featuring InfoWars radio and TV host Alex Jones, have not appeared in the Spotify archive.

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