Hungarian Foreign Minister Urges Young Republican Activists To Campaign For Trump


Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto has announced that he is “crossing fingers” for a Trump victory on November 3, and has urged young Republican activists to get out the vote for President Trump.

During a livestream hosted by the national-populist advocacy organization Republicans for National Renewal, Szijjarto called on younger activists to get active within the Trump campaign.

“I would like to ask young Republican fellows to help the campaign and help the President win again,” Szijjarto stated.

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Immediately prior to that, Szijjarto explained why his nation supported President Trump’s re-election bid.

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“I myself personally, and many here in Hungary, cross fingers for President Trump first to recover, and then win the elections, simply because we have an experience from times there was a Democrat administration, and we have experience from a time when there was a Republican White House,” Szijjarto said. “Currently we have the best political relationship ever, and we really would like to continue that.”

He also stressed the similarities between the two countries’ leaders – Donald Trump and Viktor Orban respectively.

“We enjoy the situation where the President of the United States and the Prime Minister of Hungary [have] a similar approach to the major dilemmas of global politics, in terms of patriotism, protecting Christian communities, protecting your own nation, protecting your security, protecting your borders,” he added.

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Hungary has been led by Orban since 2010, and he has since implemented a conservative nationalist agenda in the small central European country, reducing immigration, preserving Christian values and promoting increased birthrates. This agenda has brought him into conflict with globalists, most notably the leadership of the European Union (EU) and the Open Society Network run by shadowy left-wing billionaire George Soros.

Orban endorsed Trump two weeks ago, accusing the Democrats of engaging in “moral imperialism” against Hungary and comparing their conduct to that of the Soviet Union during the communist era.

“We root for Donald Trump’s victory, because we know well American Democratic governments’ diplomacy, built on moral imperialism,”  he noted. “We have been forced to sample it before, we did not like it, we do not want seconds.”

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