Greta Thunberg Murals Appear In Schools To Promote Political Tech Start-Up


The child celebrity model for the We Don’t Have Time tech business start-up has been iconized and painted on buildings around the world.

Greta Thunberg, who calls herself an “activist,” is the global spokeswoman for We Don’t Have Time, whose goal is pushing a desperate and urgent demand to “save the planet”.

Thunberg’s image, and her urgent cry for climate change, is now being forced on communities and in public schools.

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There are at least 100 more murals and street art images available online.

Thunberg, a 16-year-old high profile celebrity, is acting as a change agent for the world’s youth, indoctrinating children in their schools, and in other institutions for the highly profitable global crisis business.

Thunberg has promoted marches and protests, urging students to skip school, and demanding all people promote her climate crisis business marketing.

Most recently Thunberg is an agent of Al Gore associate, Ingmar Rentzhog, who is a Swedish entrepreneur.

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Rentzhog boasts being the first person to promote Thunberg in photos posted to his Instagram account.

Rentzhog is the founder and  CEO of We Don’t Have Time, a tech start-up, for the purpose of “becoming the world’s largest social media platform,” capitalizing on leftist networking and upon the climate crisis imagery.



“What I am trying to do is to have everything good in the sustainability movement going,”said Rentzhog.  “I have a lot of experience in the business sector.  I am working to save our future,” he said.

“I have been working on Climate change for two years.  This is a global problem.  The problem is with communication.  We have too much greenhouse gas. It is us who is causing this problem.  We still have to do something, but we don’t have time to wait.  When I started this tech company, I noticed that people are not moving fast enough,” Rentzhog said.

In the video, Rentzhop plays a promotional video for his tech start-up,  teaching his followers to “climate bomb” as a way of protest, using numerous community organizing tactics to put pressure on business to force his urgency in climate change.  That is why they advertise on the site how many followers they have, meaning how much power they are gathering.

“We have stocks and shareholders. We have to give profit to our investors.  If we succeed in this, that is big money and we can’t change the world without money,” Rentzhog said.




( See the first mural, above on the bathroom wall at Apex Friendship High School)

Apparently Rentzhog’s marketing campaign is going very well, on the backs of hopeless, panicked schools and upset school children, and lots of free PR from the media.

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