GOSAR: New Report Confirms Treatment of Jan. 6 Inmates Is 'Nothing Short Of Human Rights Violations'


Rep. Paul Gosar delivered remarks on Tuesday about a new report exposing the inhumane treatment allegedly endured by Jan. 6 political prisoners, stating that “What is being described by these political prisoners is nothing short of human rights violations.”

“The physical conditions described by my friends of these inmates can only be described as inhumane,” Gosar said. “Lacking access to their earnings, to evidence, to their families, and even proper nutrition, these inmates are suffering disproportionately from long periods of isolation from the outside world.”

Gosar continued, “Many inmates continue to describe harrowing stories of being held in confinement for 19 to 20 hours a day, and only being allowed outside for a mere two days a week. They are being denied to right to attend chaplain or religious services, they aren’t even being allowed communion.”

“These are not hardened thugs, murderers, or gang members with long histories of crimes,” Gosar said. “These are not unruly or dangerous, violent criminals. These are dads, brothers, veterans, teachers. All political prisoners who continue to be persecuted endure the pain of unjust suffering.”

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The Arizona representative noted that the Jan. 6 political prisoners “certainly deserve to be treated fairly, and equally to other rioters arrested at other events that took place across this country in 2020,” and stated, “My question is this: Mr. Biden, Attorney General Garland, why are you so interested in ruining the lives of these folks instead of equal justice?”

“Why won’t you publicly release the hours and hours of video surveillance taken on January 6th? What are you afraid of? What are you hiding?” Gosar asked. “The heart of this country is equal treatment, especially by the courts. The public demands and the defendants deserve equal justice under the law. What is being described by these political prisoners is nothing short of human rights violations. The silence from the ACLU & Amnesty International is deafening.”

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