GEORGIA: Kemp Appoints Anti-Trump Judge Likely To Throw Out Any 2020 Fraud Cases, Draws Ire From Grassroots


Georgia Governor Brian Kemp has appointed a close ally of anti-Trump Georgia Attorney General Chris Carr to the Georgia Court of Appeals. Andrew Pinson, the new judge appointed by Kemp, is likely to hear any cases regarding potential election fraud, and due to his close relationship with Carr, is widely expected to throw them out.

Now, Kemp is receiving even more push back from the grassroots, who are “fighting to uncover the lengths the Democrats went to steal the election,” as he appears to posture against a 2022 political cycle where he will be challenged by the pro-Trump wing of the Georgia Republican Party.

Speaking to National File, Atlanta Tea Party icon Debbie Dooley slammed Georgia Governor Brian Kemp for betraying President Donald Trump and his supporters for his latest anti-Trump endorsements and appointments. “Georgia Governor Brian Kemp continues to betray Donald Trump and grassroots Trump supporters that are fighting to uncover the lengths the Democrats went to steal the election and make them be held accountable. Brian Kemp endorsed Chris Carr,” Dooley said. “Kemp just appointed Andrew Pinson, a close confidant of Trump betrayer Attorney General Chris Carr to the Georgia Court of Appeals. Pinson serves as Carr’s Solicitor General.”

Dooley explained that there is massive election fraud being uncovered in Fulton County and elsewhere in the state that are slowly making their way into mainstream news.  She explained that the Georgia Appeals Court “could end up hearing cases about the election fraud being uncovered,” and thus, it appears Kemp has now appointed an ally who will continue his efforts to undermine election integrity in the state of Georgia from the legislative branch. (READ MORE: VIDEO: Tucker Shows Evidence Of ‘Flat-Out Criminal Fraud’ In Georgia During 2020 Election)

“It is almost like Kemp is hedging his bets in case enough fraud is found to overturn the election, which I am hearing is being uncovered,” Dooley told National File. “The courts will rule against doing anything about election fraud, or will stop forensic audits. The last thing Kemp wants is for massive fraud to be uncovered that would have made a difference in the election, and voters to be reminded that he refused to call a special session to uncover it.”

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Dooley noted that “we may not have Joe Biden and his caretakers” residing at the White House if Kemp had not refused to call a special session to address the mounting reports of voter fraud. “The 2022 election cycle will have a Kemp, Raffensperger, and Carr ticket against Trump Republicans. The three of them are aligned together, and are all culpable in the Democrats getting away with stealing the election.” (READ MORE: VoterGA Says Evidence Indicates Multiple Georgia Counties May Have Even More Election Fraud Than Fulton)

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