GAB VIDEO: Angry Dad Confronts School Board Over Anti-White CRT, 'The Sleeping Giant Has Awoken, Remove This Garbage'


In a video posted to free speech video-sharing platform Gab TV this week, an irate father confronted the board of the Lake Washington School District in Redmond, Washington over the teaching of anti-white propaganda and radical gender theory to elementary school students.

“It’s 105 [degrees] out, and it’s hot. The Northwest is going through a heat wave. and there is another type of wave that is happening throughout the nation as many of you already know, and that’s the wave of parents waking up en masse to what has been happening inside of the school system,” the father said.

The citizen went on to showcase several aspects of political curricula promoted by the school district, including photographs of a “gender-diverse” child. “This is a boy dressed as a girl,” the father said, holding the photograph up for all to see. “And the Lake Washington school district is promoting it by posting it on their website.” He also addressed material related to “misgendering,” querying, “What does misgendering even mean?”

“Finally, critical race theory,” the father said, addressing the final point of his speech. “This is an anti-White propaganda. Anti-White propaganda that’s intended to encourage citizens to judge not by the content of someone’s character, but by the color of their skin. This is not righteous. This is unrighteous. So I’m here to let you know that the sleeping giant has awoken, and i am speaking on behalf of parents across the nation, who are not going to stand silently. I just discovered this.”

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The citizen concluded, “You are on notice. The sleeping giant has been awoken. Chris, Siri, Cassandra, Eric, John, Mr. Stuart – you are on notice. The sleeping giant has awoken, remove this garbage from your lake Washington School District board information, the website, or you will be facing the awokened giant and stripped of your power at the next opportunity, which is with our vote. Thank you.”

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