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Facebook Removes Comment for Backing Trump Against China


Facebook has removed a comment that praised President Trump for “standing up to the Communist Chinese parasites” for breaking its community guidelines on hate speech.

The comment was made by Joe Dan Gorman, who runs the Facebook page, “Intellectual Froglegs.” The comment expressed support for President Trump’s trade war against China:

I’m proud and FULLY SUPPORT President Trump standing up to the Communist Chinese parasites. There are no Chinese products I can’t live without… Let’s see how well Chinese communism thrives… without American capitalism.

The comment was then removed for violating community guidelines on hate speech; when Gorman requested a review, the reply still came back affirmative.

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Gorman spoke exclusively to the National File about the incident:

On Friday afternoon, when the tensions started escalating between China and the United States, I posted my support for Pres. Trump on Facebook. Within minutes, the Facebook Word police suspended me…

You will note the most inflammatory word I used was “parasites”…

I appealed. Even after review, I was found guilty of hate speech… Another day in social media paradise!

The National File reached out to Facebook for comment, and received a response, confirming that Gorman was banned for “referring to Chinese people as parasites.” They attached a link to their community guidelines, noting that the post therefore fell under Tier 1 attack, which includes “dehumanising speech.” However, it seems clear that Gorman was not referring to all Chinese people as parasites, but the Chinese communists who have enslaved the nation under their leftist yoke. This ban is reminiscent of when the British conservative philosopher Roger Scruton was attacked for apparently calling Chinese people “robots,” yet in context, he specified that this was in relation to what the CCP was doing to its own people.

This is not the first time that the social media giant has come under fire for aggressively removing comments and accounts from people who simply wish to support their President! Chad Dallas, the admin for the meme page “Memelord for Hire,” faced numerous 30 day bans from the platform for criticising CNN. Laura Loomer, the conservative activist, was banned last year from both Facebook and Twitter for criticising Rep. Ilhan Omar. Advertisements from the “Women for Trump” coalition were pulled off the platform for apparently falling foul of rules preventing the targeting of “personal attributes. James Allsup was also banned last week from Facebook and Instagram for “off platform behaviour.” Furthermore, Facebook put out a report last week essentially admitting that they censor conservatives, and have no plans to stop doing so.

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