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EXPOSED: Kristi Noem Is Pro-Syrian 'Refugee', Pro-Gender Bending Bathrooms, Pro-Trans In Women's Sports - Revolver


Revolver, quickly becoming one of the top populist replacements to the politically homeless Drudge Report, released a stunning exposé on South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem, who they reveal has steadily worked against the populist movement in both action and rhetoric since 2016.

Noem recently made headlines after she refused to sign legislation passed by the South Dakota legislature that would ban biological men who have “transitioned” to become women from participating in sports alongside biological women. She appeared on Tucker Carlson Tonight and was eviscerated by the cable news host for backing down from the cultural fight due to pressure from the NCAA.

“So you’re saying the NCAA threatened you and you don’t think you can win that fight, they said if you sign this, we won’t allow girls in South Dakota to play, and you don’t think you can win in court even though the public overwhelmly supports you nationally, so you’re caving to the NCAA?” asked Carlson. Noem denied Carlson’s assertion, but was unable to push back effectively.

While many were shocked by Noem’s apparent betrayal of the populist movement that has championed her as an anti-lockdown hero who allowed her state to remain somewhat open as virtually the entire country was forced to shut its doors and enter a year of hiding due to the China-originated COVID-19 virus, Revolver reports a history of betrayals from Noem.

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During President Obama’s second term, when states were clamoring to signal their virtue by admitting Syrian refugees into their state with little regard for the consequences, Noem and South Dakota led the nation. Only two states received refugees faster than South Dakota. Revolver explains:

Like every other part of America, South Dakota has received thousands of refugees from around the globe. During President Obama’s second term, South Dakota received refugees faster than any state except for two.

Political leaders present this as a marker of America’s altruism. Perhaps decades ago, it really was. Today, as America declines, the mass admission of refugees is just another front in an elite operation to crush native-born Americans, entrench their own power, and irreversibly transform the country. The small South Dakota town of Huron, in fact, has become a leading example of this transformation.

While this may have been the politically expedient decision to make during the Obama years, President Donald Trump famously gave states the ability to halt this refugee resettlement program. Instead of taking advantage of President Trump’s offer, Revolver explains, “Instead, Noem turned down the president’s offer. More refugees, it turns out, was exactly what South Dakota needed. It’s not like turkey plants can be staffed by Americans or anything.”

Noem also chastised President Trump for his alleged comments referring to poor, third world nations as “sh*thole countries,” noting that she has nieces from Haiti and Ethiopia, “so for me it’s personal.”

Specifically on transgenderism, Noem indicated she will fold to political pressure from the left before the recent veto. Revolver reports that, despite Noem telling voters she would have signed legislation forcing transgender people to use the bathroom matching their biological identity, she failed to sign similar legislation in 2020.

South Dakota’s lawmakers were silly enough to think this promise meant Noem seriously opposed the transgender madness that is mutilating America’s children. In early 2020, they considered a more expansive bill, which would have done far more than any bathroom bill to protect South Dakota’s children and push back against the tide of transgender insanity. House Bill 1057 would have made it a criminal offense for South Dakota doctors to operate on children or prescribe them puberty blockers for the sake of “gender confirmation” treatments. The bill passed the state house. If it had become law, it would have been by far the most serious counterattack against the transgender mafia, and Noem could have been the hero leading this attack.

But it never came to pass. H.B. 1057 died in the state senate, so Noem never got the chance to veto it. But she absolutely played a role in the bill’s demise.

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Beneath the surface, Noem’s message was clear: The bill shouldn’t pass, because corporate interests didn’t want it to pass, and corporate interests came ahead of protecting children from mutilation at the hands of demented doctors and brainwashed parents.

“Is Noem a particularly bad Republican? Not at all,” Revolver concluded. “A Republican who postures as a champion of the people but then abandons them to serve business is the norm. Kristi Noem has had three chances to really set herself apart as more than a normal Republican. She failed. Republicans should look elsewhere for their next champion.”

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