EXCLUSIVE: Q-Anon 'Agent Provocateur' Interrupts MTG Event, Slams Head Against Door Like 'WWE' When Thrown Out


During a speech by Marjorie Taylor Greene at an event nearby CPAC, a Q-Anon “agent provocateur” stood next to the stage and loudly interrupted Greene’s speech and was promptly escorted out of the venue. On the way out, as Greene supporters shouted “take his coat” and “agent provocateur”, the man walked head first into a door, collapsing to the floor immediately after.

In video provided exclusively to National File, the masked man is seen approaching Greene, who was on stage delivering a speech, and loudly shouting “Where We Go One We Go All,” a popular Q-Anon slogan, in the middle of Greene’s speech.

The man was quickly escorted out of the venue by Greene’s communications staff, as the crowd began to boo, shout  “take his coat,” – a throwback to a 2016 rally of President Donald Trump, who joked that security should take a protester’s coat – and “agent provocateur.”

However, as the man was escorted from the event, he walked head first into a door, apparently injuring his head. He immediately crumpled to the floor, causing Greene’s communication staff to quizzically raise his hands and shrug, before opening the door and forcing the man out.

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Members of the crowd began laughing, with one man loudly saying, “Oh, no, come on,” and another joining in, “Give me a break, get out of here!”

As the man left the venue, the camera man who provided the video to National File remarked, “You got any metal chairs? You gonna do any more WWE acting for us? Show me some more cool wrestling moves, bro.”

Greene herself mocked the man prior to his near-fatal run in with the door, saying “Somebody just had to get a little attention for himself. Isn’t that sad?”

Greene has faced criticism from establishment members of the Republican Party after years-old Facebook posts made on Greene’s personal account were unearthed and disseminated through the mainstream media. Despite this, she remains popular among her constituents, and was well received at the reception, held across the street from CPAC.

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