EXCLUSIVE: Allen West Reveals How He Won Texas GOP Chair Race


The newly-elected chairman of the Republican Party of Texas, Lt. Col. Allen West, has described in an exclusive interview with National File how he was able to oust incumbent James Dickey in an upset victory at the Texas Republican Convention last month.

West expounded on the nature of his campaign against the establishment-backed Dickey.

“I think that we tried to make it a clear delineation, a clear choice – we just went out there and worked hard, talking about what we were for, providing folks with our vision, and not worrying about what we were against, not discussing our opponent in that race,” Lt. Col. West stated.

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He then went on to describe how Texans were yearning for strong state leadership in the vein of President Trump, which West, a famed war veteran, was able to capitalize on.

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“I believe that when you look at where Texas is right now, a lot of people are concerned about strong principled leadership,” West continued.

“They’re going to stand up for the values and the policies that have made Texas the 10th largest economy in the world, a place where businesses and headquarters are moving to, and so we just made the case before the people and the results were quite resounding – quite shocking.”

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Dickey’s loss was also associated with his disastrous handling of the Texas Republican Convention, which was repeatedly canceled and reopened. Once it finally went ahead as an online event, several critical votes went far off schedule, and many older delegates were unable to participate.

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Lt. Col. West served as the Republican Congressman for Florida’s 22nd congressional district from 2011 to 2013.. He was initially elected as a champion of the nascent Tea Party movement, and quickly became a rising star among the conservative grassroots. After leaving Congress, he moved to Texas to run the National Center for Policy Analysis, a conservative think tank, before successfully pursuing the position of chairman of the Republican Party of Texas this year.

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