EXCLUSIVE: Allen West: 2020 Is "Rule Of Law" Vs. "Rule Of The Mob"


Texas Republican Party chairman Lt. Col. Allen West gave an exclusive interview to the National File on Wednesday, during which he emphasized the need to restore law and order in America.

West was asked whether the ongoing far-left civil unrest could help the Republican Party’s electoral chances in November. He responded by slamming the two principal organizations behind the rioting.

“I absolutely do, because Antifa is a domestic terrorist organization,” he replied. “Black Lives Matter is a Marxist organization, there is nothing on the website of Black Lives Matter that addresses any of the issues that are plaguing the black community in the United States – the number one of which is fatherlessness.”

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West also described how the riots could help Republicans win over Hispanic voters, whom polls indicate are heavily supportive of a strong stance on law and order.

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“What I would say to the Hispanic community is everyone wants to be in a safe neighborhoods, but when you start talking about defunding police, you turn the streets over to the mobs and the gangs, and that’s not what any person or family in the Hispanic community, black community, Asian community, any community, wants to see happen,” he said.

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He noted how Texans and Americans were increasingly exercising their Second Amendment rights in the wake of the chaos.

“Furthermore, when you look at what is going on, it is very difficult to find a weapon, a firearm in gun stores today, because the American people are starting to realize that maybe they have to be able to protect themselves,” he said.

“People want to be able to live safely, they want to have security, they don’t want to see our streets turned over to the mob like Antifa and Black Lives Matter, and that’s an incredible issue that we should be joining with the Hispanic community and all communities about – the rule of law, or the rule of the mob.”

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President Trump has taken a firm stance on law and order following the widespread rioting that has taken place in the United States since early June. Although some moderate Republicans disagreed with that approach, conservative leaders such as Allen West have strongly endorsed it.

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