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DOJ: Officers 'Alleged To Have Been Complicit' In January 6 Are Under Investigation


A filing from the Department of Justice dated July 30, 2021 has revealed that “officers who were alleged to have been complicit in the January 6 Capitol Breach” are under investigation.

A DOJ filing from last Friday has confirmed that officers are under investigation for their alleged complicity in the January 6 Capitol building breach, American Greatness writer Julie Kelly revealed on Twitter. “Multiple defense counsel have inquired about investigations into officers who were alleged to have been complicit in the January 6 Capitol Breach. We have received copies of investigations into officer conduct, have finished reviewing them, and plan to disclose the relevant materials shortly.”

National File previously reported that new videos emerging online appear to show Capitol Police inciting violence on January 6 by shooting flashbangs into what was then a peaceful crowd. The video shows them tear gassing protestors and beating up Trump supporters. The seemingly provocative actions by law enforcement, in those moments, appear to have set off the crowd, who in turn shouted expletives and grew more aggressive in reaction to the flashbangs, tear gas, and beatings.

National File recently confirmed the presence of undercover federal law enforcement embedded within the January 6 protest crowd. The report raises questions concerning the full extent of federal involvement in the violence that took place that day. (SEE MORE: VIDEO: Suspicious Black-Clad ‘Operatives’ Were First Ones Up Capitol Building Stairs On 1/6)

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In an exclusive interview with Congressman Paul Gosar (R-AZ), the Arizona representative pointed to the kidnapping conspiracy case of Michigan Democrat Governor Gretchen Whitmer as “proof in the pudding” that undercover federal actors likely infiltrated the pro-Trump crowd on January 6 to sabotage the peaceful protest. In the Michigan case, which has widely been compared to January 6, it was revealed that the FBI had employed at least 12 undercover informants to infiltrate militia groups involved in the alleged kidnapping conspiracy, fueling concerns among observers that the “plot” may have been the result of entrapment by the federal government.

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