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China Locks Down Another City For Coronavirus After Claiming No New Deaths, Drop In Cases


The media parroted China’s claim that there were no new deathson April 7, only for news to break that Suifenhe, China was locked down due to coronavirus hours later.

On Monday, Reuters reported that China had no new deaths stemming from coronavirus, and an overall drop in new cases from the virus reported in the country:

China had 32 new infections by Monday, down from 39 a day earlier, the National Health Commission said.

For the first time since the commission began publishing nationwide data in late January, Hubei’s provincial capital of Wuhan saw no new deaths, joining the rest of mainland China, which has recorded none since March 31.

Wuhan, a city of 11 million that reported only two new infections in the past fortnight, is due to allow residents to leave the city on Wednesday for the first time since it was locked down on Jan. 23 to curb the spread of the virus

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However, by Tuesday night in the United States, Reuters reported that China announced the lockdown of another city due to the virus.

Reuters notes that “as Wuhan came back to life, new imported cases in the far northern province of Heilongjiang surged to a daily high of 25,” with China blaming new travelers from Russia entering the country.

“On Wednesday, Suifenhe city announced restrictions on the movement of citizens similar to the measures Wuhan has endured,” wrote Reuters.

As with the lockdown in Hubei, the lockdown is far more severe than any country seen in the West.

According to the Chinese state run CCTV, people must remain in their homes and only one person per family may leave. That person may only leave their home once every three days to buy “necessities,” and then must return on the same day.

United States intelligence leaks suggest that China is intentionally misleading the world about its over all number of deaths and cases, as many countries in the West, with much smaller populations, exceed China’s count for both.

National File reported:

China is deliberately obfuscating the true number of coronavirus deaths in their country, the US intelligence community is claiming.

Intelligence briefings relating to China’s cover-up of the coronavirus deaths have been received by the White House in recent weeks, with the CIA warning the Trump administration since the start of February that their assets reveal huge under-reportings in the death toll.

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The American intelligence community believes that midlevel bureaucrats in Wuhan, the origin point of the coronavirus, are currently vastly underreporting the infection rates, testing and death counts of coronavirus, fearing repercussions if the numbers given to the authorities are too high.

China has also come under fire for sending Western countries faulty or contaminated coronavirus supplies, and for potential human rights abuses within the country.

Chinese media reported that a man received a lung transplant due to permanent lung damage from coronavirus, and experts say that it would be nearly impossible to find a voluntary donor on such short notice, leading many to believe the country is still harvesting organs from political dissidents.

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