Child Rapist Abdisalam Mohamad Who Was Given 'Swirly' in Jail Sentenced to 14 Years Prison


A convicted child rapist who made headlines after being featured in a viral video where his fellow inmates beat, whipped, then dunked his head in a soiled toilet has been sentenced to 14 years behind bars.

Abdisalam Mohamad, 21, was an inmate at HMP Pentonville as he awaited sentencing for a machete-wielding rape and robbery of a schoolgirl with two other accomplices.

National File reported on the original “swirly” video at the hands of his fellow inmates which gained ample attention on social media:

A man convicted of raping a school girl has his head shoved down a used toilet while he begs for mercy as he is beaten by fellow inmates.

The graphic footage shows the reluctant pedophile be commanded to undress quickly, before being forced head-first into the soiled toilet boil, where he is heard yelping in discomfort.

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The man, believed to be 21-year-old, Abdisalam Mohamad–an inmate at HMP Pentonville who is due to be sentenced next month, according to Metro.

The person filming the distressed inmate orders him to “take off your clothes before I whack you in the head, bro.”

During the footage, another participant in the glorified swirly suggests putting “his head in the toilet.”

Trying to slither out of the situation, the alleged rapist says, “that’s too much. You’re violating me now,” as he is shoved around.

When his head is dunked in the filthy toilet bowl, he is heard moaning in intense discomfort.

Another video reportedly shows the inmate scream “oh, my days” as his head nestled firmly in the sullied bowl.

Mohamed and his accomplices, Roberto French, 22, and Hilal Mohamed, 22, face a total of 45 years behind bars for the brutal August 2016 incident.

The Evening Standard reported:

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During the trial, which ended on February 6, 2020, jurors heard how the victim had travelled to London from Bristol when French held a machete against her throat while robbing her in front of the other two men.

The 22-year-old then falsely imprisoned her in a residential block in Enfield, where she was forced by the defendants to perform oral sex on each of them.

Once the assault was over, French followed the victim as she attempted to make her escape.

Social media users expressed contentment at Mohamed’s extrajudicial punishment.

One wrote: “I’d love to know who did this… I’d happily float a few bucks in some commissary accounts.”

“Good, now do this to him everyday of his sentence,” added another.

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