CDC Targets Rural Youth and 4-H Kids For Creepy Data Project on Gun Culture


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is targeting “rural adolescents” and 4-H Shooting Sports participants in creepy research projects focused on guns. Considering the federal government’s well-known objective to weaken and eventually destroy the Second Amendment, this creepy research may alarm the parents of the rural youth and 4-H Shooting Sports participants. 4-H is a youth program overseen by the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Here is one study that seeks to get a whole lot of information about 4-H kids. According to the CDC: “This study will conduct a hybrid effectiveness-implementation trial to evaluate the effectiveness of The Reframe, a bystander intervention designed to promote changes in firearm injury prevention norms, attitudes, intentions, and behaviors among a sample of 50 4-H Shooting Sports Club communities comprising both adults and youth.” A Rhode Island Hospital/Brown University job listing for a Clinical Research Assistant, to launch in spring 2021, states: “Study tasks will include, but are not limited to, obtaining informed consent, interviewing participants to gather information, preparing and maintaining study records, contacting participants to obtain follow-up data, entering data via computer, and performing statistical analyses. The RA will adhere to ethical procedures for subject recruitment and crisis protocols. Finally, s/he may be responsible for assisting with periodic literature reviews, and for assisting with preparation of abstracts, manuscripts, and presentations.” Here is a screenshot of CDC information about the program:

Here is another CDC-funded study project that seeks to “collect new data from rural adolescents to improve understanding of the cultural and environmental context within which handgun carrying occurs, identify developmental patterns of handgun carrying during adolescence and as youth transition to adulthood, examine the salient antecedents and consequences of this behavior, and test the effects of the Communities That Care prevention system.”

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For what it’s worth, 4-H is clearly in the tank for the worldwide progressive agenda. 4-H has recently shilled for Joe Biden’s infrastructure plan and designed a relationship counseling program targeted to teens and LGBT college students. Here is current National 4-H Council president Jennifer Sirangelo:

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