CAVED: Ted Cruz, Josh Hawley, Republican Senate Abandon Plans to Object, Will Hand White House to Biden - Congressional Staff


Following today’s hours-long peaceful protest in Washington, D.C., led by disgruntled supporters of President Donald Trump, the Senate Republicans who previously promised to object to Joe Biden’s allegedly fraudulent Electoral College votes now plan to abandon their fight for the president and simply move through the motions to confirm Biden, multiple sources on Capitol Hill, including Congressional staff, confirm.

As National File reported, this plan was originally hatched by Mike Pence, Nancy Pelosi, Kevin McCarthy, and Mitch McConnell. The goal was to pacify President Trump’s base with a paltry two hour debate and then immediately certify Biden’s win with a simple majority vote.

This plan seemed to be in jeopardy early today, as more Republicans appeared willing to challenge the electoral votes based on the voluminous credible accusations of widespread voter fraud in every battleground state.

However, using today’s civil unrest –  likely provoked by Pence and McConnell’s plan to surrender the White House to Biden – as an excuse, the Senate coalition led by Ted Cruz, as well as Josh Hawley, have abandoned President Trump.

This comes as multiple elected officials from both parties call for President Trump to be immediately removed from office using the 25th Amendment.

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It remains unclear if any Senate Republicans still support President Trump, as it remains unclear whether Pence truly undermined the President’s authority and worked with Democrats to call the National Guard into Washington, D.C.

President Trump was suspended from Twitter for 12 hours, meaning there is not likely to be a swift response from the Trump administration on these rumors.

This comes after D.C. police apparently shot a peaceful protester, an unarmed female Trump supporter, during the peaceful Capitol protest earlier today.

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