Gun Rights

Florida Ag Commissioner, Enemy Of DeSantis, Suspends Conceal Carry Permits Of 22 Citizens After NRA Made It Possible

Fried holds power over Florida citizens’ Second Amendment rights solely because of a Division of Licensing transfer the NRA successfully lobbied for in 2002

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VIDEO: Rep. Chip Roy Tells Biden 'Come And Take It,' Compares Biden Regime To Mexican Aggressors During Texas Revolution

“And when he asks why we need twenty rounds of ammo, maybe it’s because he’s saying that he wants to come after the American people with F-15s and nuclear weapons.”

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PANTS ON FIRE: Biden Repeats Lie That Americans Could Never Own Cannons As He Muses About Nuking 'Patriots'

“While the tree of liberty is not watered by the blood of patriots, what’s happens is [sic], that their never been, if you wanted to think you need to have weapons to take on the government . . .”

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Arizona Republicans Call on Mark Kelly to Recuse Himself from Vote on Biden's ATF Nominee Who Defended Waco Massacre

Arizona Republicans are calling on Senator Mark Kelly to recuse himself from any confirmation vote regarding Biden's gun-grabbing ATF nominee, David Chipman
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McCloskeys Plead Guilty to Misdemeanor Charges over Confrontation with Violent Mob, Surrender Firearms Used in Incident

Mark and Patricia McCloskey have pled guilty to misdemeanor charges resulting from a confrontation with a violent mob in June of last year
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