Brian Kemp Goes Against Trump, Picks Pro-Romney WNBA Owner For Senate


President Donald Trump has endorsed conservative Rep. Doug Collins to fill the Senate seat set to be vacated by Johnny Isakson on Dec 31, but Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp’s expected pick for the position is WNBA mogul Kelly Loeffler.

Kemp’s choice has drawn criticism for going against the President’s recommendation, and his preference of Koeffler in particular is puzzling given the latter’s political track record.

A lifelong corporate operative, Loeffler has donated to Democrats in the past, and contributed $750,000 to Never-Trumper Mitt Romney’s failed 2012 presidential campaign. She did not contribute financial support to the Trump campaign in 2016.

Critics have also pointed out that the $46.5 million Gateway Center Arena set to open next year for Loeffler’s Atlanta Dream WNBA team was subsidized entirely by taxpayers, and the WNBA itself donates significant amounts of ticket sale revenue to Planned Parenthood.

The aforementioned Gateway Center Arena has a strict gun-free zone policy, with the Atlanta Dream website firmly stating that “no weapons (firearms, knives, etc.) will be allowed on the premise at any time regardless of a permit.”

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Loeffler has not made many clear statements about her stance on gun rights, and voter concern on this issue was recently reflected in an official Georgia Gun Owners Poll which netted 95% support for Doug Collins and 5% for Loeffler.

GOP royalty and Brian Kemp appear to be banking on Loeffler’s credentials as a female businesswoman to spur her to political success instead of President Trump’s pick, but given her muddled political track record and the fact that the WNBA has never made a profit, they would be well-advised to give their selection a second look.



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