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BREAKING: Wendy Rogers, Karen Fann Confirm Maricopa Audit Report Is Being Prepared, Will Be Released In 'Several Days'


Arizona Senate President Karen Fann (R) and State. Sen Wendy Rogers (R) confirmed on Monday that the Maricopa County audit report is currently being prepared for presentation to the Senate, which will then be reviewed for accuracy and clarity before the report is released publicly. Rogers noted noted that the preliminary audit report will be coming in several days.

“Confirming audit companies are preparing the draft report to present to the senate team . Senate team will then review for accuracy and clarity for final report which will be released publicly,” Fann posted to Twitter on Monday.

“Once Arizona delivers our prelim report, it is up to the rest of the states to do forensic audits and issue their reports. We need to keep pushing. Don’t let big states like Florida, Texas, or Ohio slide,” Rogers wrote on Twitter, later adding in another post, “PRELIM AUDIT REPORT COMING IN SEVERAL DAYS.”

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As National File previously reported, Rogers’ petition to decertify the election went viral this month, rapidly accruing over 100,000 signatures and drawing so much traffic that web servers had to be upgraded:

The petition to decertify the Arizona election started by State Sen. Wendy Rogers (R-AZ) has reached over 100,000 signatures, as the movement to secure election integrity within the state continues to gather momentum. Roger’s website had been driven offline by high traffic demand for the petition on last week, but has since been restored.

“We have 107,918 signatures now,” Rogers posted to Twitter on Monday. “Over 10% there. I want to have 1 million signatures to show support for decertification. Please share this and also send to everyone you know.”

Decertify the Election Petition

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