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BREAKING: Ron DeSantis Announces Florida Will Fly Flags At Half-Staff To Honor Rush Limbaugh


Florida Governor Ron DeSantis announced Friday that we will order flags to be flown at half-mast in the state to honor talk radio icon and Florida resident Rush Limbaugh, who passed away this week at the age of 70 after suffering complications from the effects of lung cancer.

“And I know they’re still figuring out the arrangements, but what we do when there’s things of this magnitude, once the date of interment for Rush is announced we’re going to be lowering the flags to half staff,” DeSantis stated during a press conference, receiving raucous applause.

Limbaugh moved from New York to Florida around 2010, citing frustrations with tax hikes in Democrat-run New York.

Limbaugh became close friends with President Donald Trump, who also resides in Florida, during the 2016 election cycle, and the pair were seen together on various occasions hitting the links on Florida golf courses.

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President Trump revealed in an interview this week that he gave Limbaugh the moniker “The Bull” on the golf course, due to the latter’s impressive strength:

“Mr. President, we gotta wrap it up, real quick, who is the better golfer, you or Rush Limbaugh? ‘Cause I’ve seen you guys on golf course together,” Newsmax TV host Greg Kelly asked President Trump.

“I won’t say, I won’t say, but I will tell you this about Rush,” President Trump said. “I used to call him ‘The Bull’ because he was a strong – you know, in prime time, he was a strong guy, and when he hit it went very far. When the ball was hit properly it went very far, I’d call him ‘The Bull.’”

President Trump added, “He was a strong guy and he was a great guy, and he’s gonna be missed, and there was nobody like him, and even you, as a professional, would say that. I mean, there was just nobody like him.”

The date for Limbaugh’s funeral has not yet been publicly announced.

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