Boy George Says People Now 'Get Upset About Anything'


Boy George has blasted politically correct culture once again by suggesting that people “get upset about anything” nowadays.

The Karma Chameleon singer also touched upon how the world has become more sensitive. George also slammed modern internet preferred pronoun usage, telling people to leave their “pronouns at the door” earlier this year.

According to Female First, in an interview for the Sunday Times, the 58-year-old DJ said:

“People aren’t honest. Because we’re in sensitive times, when people get upset about anything. I grew up in the 1970s, where every day you were called faggot, poof – at home, at school, on the street. Policemen could hit you. You went to school knowing you could get whipped. Kids just don’t understand. I don’t want to sound like an old codger, but they don’t get what people went through for them to be so precious, and I don’t want to dull myself to the point that I don’t have an opinion.”

George went onto discuss modern transgenderism, saying:

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“When I was growing up nobody used the term transgender, because it was almost like a medical term. So this transgender thing is new, and, for our generation, it’s just getting our heads round it. But people want to be offended, because they think that whatever’s going on for them is much more important than anything else. But I’ll call you whatever you want. I’ve spent years calling people fake names. Boy George. Siouxsie Sioux. Johnny Rotten. Of course, it’s not the same as your sexuality.”

At the beginning of the year, Boy George ignited a Twitter storm after calling preferred pronouns, “a modern form of attention seeking.”

In a tweet, he then proclaimed, “leave your pronouns at the door!”

National File reported on the backlash to the star’s tweets–which got several internet communities riled up.

George later finished the Sunday Times interview by taking aim at a recent insistence of various people to start their own movements.

After the brouhaha following George’s provocative tweets, a spokesperson for Boy George told Pink News: “The concept of […] asking whether Boy George is transphobic is so stupid it doesn’t warrant a response.”

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