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Black Antifa Activist Arrested For Harassing, Threatening Orthodox Jews In Seattle


An African-American, who has been tied in videos to Antifa protests and was filmed at multiple was arrested two weeks ago for harassing Orthodox Jewish men operating a booth to commemorate Yom Kippur.

Jamal Oscar Williams, 43, was arrested for screaming anti-Semitic statements in Westlake Park in Seattle, Washington according to CBS Seattle affiliate KIRO 7 News:

Just two weeks ago, 43-year-old Jamal Oscar Williams was arrested for shouting anti-Semitic statements at Westlake Park, Seattle, directed at two Orthodox men operating a booth to commemorate Yom Kippur, the holiest day on the Jewish calendar.

Williams has become a recognizable figure at political protest events in the Seattle area. Footage from August 2018 shows Williams being arrested for initiating violence against police at a protest event.

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Via KIRO 7 News:

All remained peaceful until one man was taken into custody. Seattle bicycle officers moved in, shouting to the crowd to move. That seemed to upset counter protester Jamal X.

“Move back for what?” he asked, holding his protest sign. “That’s what we’re talking about.”

And soon he, too, was in custody.

Footage posted to Twitter on September 30 shows a shirtless Williams skipping around in a circle screaming “F*** Trump” and “bring it on” amongst a group of black-clad left-wing demonstrators.

The irony of a known left-wing agitator being arrested for anti-Semitic bigotry and racism against Orthodox Jews simply trying to celebrate a holy religious holiday appears to be lost on national media, as only KIRO 7 News appears to have picked up the story.

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