Biden's America: Feds Order Illegal Aliens With Multiple DUI Convictions, Prior Deportation Released From Virginia Jail


Two illegal aliens with DUI convictions, one of whom has previously been deported, were ordered released from the Culpeper County, Virginia jail under the Biden Administration’s new immigration policy in recent weeks, despite being held in the facility on Immigration and Customs Enforcement detainment orders.

According to a report from Tucker Carlson Tonight, the Culpeper County Sheriff’s Office has confirmed that despite the ICE detainers, federal authorities ordered the two men released from jail, effectively declaring sanctuary immigration policy to be in effect nationwide.

Of the two illegal aliens, one had been convicted of two counts of DUI, while the other was convicted of a single count. Additionally, one of the men has been previously deported from the United States, before evidently making his way into the country illegally yet again.

The illegal aliens’ release at the behest of the Biden Administration represents just the latest dramatic shift in immigration policy at the executive level and comes in the wake of President Biden ordering a stop to all new border wall construction as others within the Democrat Party advocate for the complete removal of border fencing and sections of wall between the United States and Mexico.

“The Biden Administration has now essentially abolished ICE without abolishing ICE,” one immigration official has reportedly told the Washington Post. Under Biden Administration policy, illegal aliens will be let off the hook for a number of serious crimes, including DUI, assault, drug offenses, property crime, and more.

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As political battles over mass immigration, both legal and illegal, have increasingly taken a front-row seat in American politics, Virginia has quickly become ground zero for activists on both sides, as mass legal and illegal immigration rapidly and dramatically change the state’s political landscape.

In 2020, Democrat Governor Ralph Northam granted driving privileges and taxpayer-funded college tuition to illegal aliens statewide.

As previously reported by National File, just last year, a twice-deported illegal alien was ordered released by a circuit court judge from the Culpeper County Jail after infecting two police officers with COVID-19 while under arrest for a brutal domestic assault on a female civilian.

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