BIDEN IN 2007: It's 'Human Nature' To Do Favors For Big Money Donors To My Campaign


Video footage from 2007 has resurfaced that show Delaware senator and eventual Vice President Joe Biden explaining how he would prioritize big money donors and special interest lobbyists who helped out his campaign if he was voted into the Oval Office.

Biden appeared to be using the topic to warn about the dangers of being corrupted by special interests, which is all the more interesting when one considers the fact that Biden’s 2020 campaign has received a staggering amount of money from wealthy donors.

“Lobbyists aren’t bad people, special interest groups are not bad people, but guess what? They’re corrosive,” Biden said. “People who take the money from them aren’t bad people, but it’s human nature.”

Biden then addressed a member of the audience with a hypothetical situation: “If you go out, Lin and bundle $250,000 for me, all legal, and then you call me after I’m elected and say ‘Joe, I wanna talk to you about something.’ You didn’t buy me but, it’s human nature. You helped me. I’m gonna say, ‘Sure, Lin, come on in.'”

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Biden’s remarks drew nervous laughter from the audience.

“Just like, by the way, if I turn around and I’m elected President of the United States of America, and you call me and say, ‘Joe, I wanna come and ya,’ I’m gonna come and see ya. You helped me.”

Biden went on to be defeated in the 2008 Democrat Party presidential primary by Illinois Senator Barack Obama, who chose Biden as his Vice President.

The Joe Bidens 2020 campaign has received a staggering $200 million from donors who paid at least $100,000 each according to the New York Times, and a whopping $74 million from Wall Street, including a $100,000 contribution from former Goldman Sachs president Howard Schwartz.

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