Bernie Supporters Threaten to Blacklist Bloomberg Campaign Workers, 'Watch us Burn This Sh*t to the Ground'


Prominent supporters of Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) are suggesting boycotting the election and destroying the DNC should the candidate not be the party’s nominee, and are actively calling for black lists for all Bloomberg campaign staff.

The founder of a progressive think tank, a popular progressive podcast host, and a prominent appellate lawyer in Missouri are among those plotting their revenge should Sanders fail to secure the nomination, after Mayor Pete Buttigieg’s Iowa upset and Bloomberg’s massive ad buys.

In a now deleted tweet, the People’s Policy Project’s Matt Bruenig wrote “It’s very important for us to create a blacklist of every operative who works for the bloomberg campaign,” prompting appellate lawyer Ian Samuel to agree.

“I was also thinking this,” wrote Samuel. “These people have to understand they have no future, ever, and not just professionally,” he added, in an ominous threat.

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Bloomberg is famously overpaying his campaign staff, and plying them with luxurious benefits. The former New York mayor has also pledged to pay them through the end of the campaign cycle, regardless of whether he secures the nomination.

Bruenig also retweeted an account that supported “political terrorism” in a meme posted December 29 that is still available on Twitter.

Bruenig also retweeted a Twitter thread by prominent progressive podcast host Benjamin Dixon, who said Sanders supporters would “burn this sh*t to the ground” if the party attempted to force Bloomberg on Sanders supporters.

“I think the message we’re respectfully sending to the DNC is f**king try us with Bloomberg and watch us burn this sh*t to the ground and look back at the embering ashes of the Democratic party,” wrote Dixon.

Perhaps after causing some to wonder about the violent innuendo of his first tweet, Dixon continued to explain that Sanders supporters would organize an effort to stay home in November if the candidate is not Sanders.

“When we say burn the Democratic Party down we me [sic] collectively organizing to refuse our vote,” wrote Dixon. “We do not have to participate if an oligarch who circumvented democracy because he didn’t want to pay $3.56 billion in taxes seizes the party.”

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“You can’t force us to participate in this rigged game forever,” Dixon added.

“Eventually, we just strike.”

Bloomberg, along with Tom Steyer, are quickly breaking records for the most money spent in a presidential election, as the billionaires vie for power in the Democratic Party.

National File reported last year that the pair had already spent $200 million to secure the nomination, and Bloomberg’s spending alone has reportedly ballooned to just under $500 million in the last two months.

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