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AUDIT UPDATE: Senate President Refers Audit Findings To Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich


Arizona Senate President Karen Fann referred the findings of the Maricopa County forensic audit to Arizona Attorney Mark Brnovich for potential “further investigation” and highlighted many concerns raised by the Arizona Audit.

Brnovich is currently running for U.S. Senate on a pro-Trump, pro-election integrity platform, despite concerns he represents the establishment-wing of the Arizona Republican Party.

“In the history of democracies – from ancient Athens to today – ours was the most detailed,demanding, and uncompromising election audit that has ever been conducted,” opened Senate President Karen Fann, noting that auditors spent a combined more than 100,000 hours examining Maricopa County’s handling of the 2020 election.

Fann then noted that, as was previously reported ad nauseum by the mainstream media, the total hand reflected the previous vote count total provided by the county. Then, the Arizona Senate President explained the many issues raised by the audit, and calls on Attorney General Mark Brnovich to act where appropriate.

Fann highlighted untrained “amateurs” being allowed to use sophisticated election equipment, evidence that signature verification was wildly inaccurate, unclean voter rolls among her issues for Brnovich to address. She added that “No private company should be trusted with the keys to our Democracy,” and explained that “Election officials must ensure that all evidence is preserved and that a top-to-bottom audit of an election is possible when warranted.”

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“Arizona voters deserve an unimpeachable electoral process,” wrote Fann, “I am therefore forwarding the reports for your office’s consideration and, if you find it appropriate, further investigation as part of your ongoing oversight of these issues.”

As National File reported earlier this month, Brnovich has repeatedly been a roadblock to election integrity activists and supporters since the November election. Immediately after the election, when President Donald Trump, who described Brnovich’s performance as “lackluster,” charged his legal team with examining evidence of potential fraud, Brnovich assured television audiences and The Washington Post‘s readership that the election was above board:

Brnovich declared that he agreed with “what the election officials have said” and told the press that he would “take them at their word” when it came to their claims that no fraud happened in 2020. He denied any possibility of any “conspiracy” to steal the 2020 election, claiming that any such efforts would somehow hurt Joe Biden and the Democrats “equally.”

Because of the inaction of Brnovich – the top law enforcement official in the state – the Trump campaign had to become directly involved, taking legal action without help from Brnovich. Despite the Trump campaign seeking redress for what happened, Brnovich again spoke to the media and reaffirmed his faith in the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors. He had already accepted Biden’s so-called victory in the state, after all.

At this point, Brnovich had largely spoken to local media and less-viewed cable networks. This would change when he was interviewed by the Washington Post, the anti-Trump publication connected to left wing billionaire Jeff Bezos. In this interview, Brnovich explicitly denied the possibility that the election was stolen from President Trump, and despite the evidence raised by the Trump campaign and National File, falsely told the Post that “based on what we know happened in the past, there is no evidence, there are no facts that would lead anyone to believe that the election result was changed.”

Arizona state Sen. Wendy Rogers and several Republican pundits have called for the results of the 2020 election in Arizona to be decertified, a process that could be initiated by Fann. As the hearing began today, and again as it concluded, Fann again stressed that revisiting the 2020 election results is not currently her intention.

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