AUDIO: Philly Teacher Reveals School Lunch Workers Gave Ballots To Children


A Philadelphia public elementary school art teacher revealed that cafeteria workers at a Philly school were instructed to hand out absentee ballots to schoolchildren. Pennsylvania is counting paper ballots three days after election day, even if the ballots are not postmarked by election day, and the signatures on the ballots do not have to match the signature on the voter registration. Philadelphia has been fraught with Vote By Mail problems this year. (READ: Philly Vote By Mail Disrupted By Riots).

“My cousin and research partner is a teacher in one of the Philadelphia schools with a large migrant/illegal population. A friend of his works in the lunch program and she said to him that her manager told her to pass the ballots out,” our source told NATIONAL FILE. Cafeteria workers rotate in the Philly public schools, so it is unclear which school this occurred at.

NATIONAL FILE contacted Robert “Bob” Riffle, a 2-day a week art teacher at the Taggart School in Philadelphia. Riffle confirmed the story but said there is nothing that can be done about it at this point, and then cowardly declined to elaborate further. Taggart School could not be reached for comment by phone via any major department in the middle of a school day. Here is the audio of our conversation with Riffle:

“I just got off the phone and he’s being protective of this woman because he’s concerned she will lose her job. It’s a bitch of a place to work. They apparently rotated people around so he doesn’t know which school but that sounds like a runaround comment. He also said it happened last summer, when that is not what he first said. This really pisses me off because I thought he had more bravery and integrity. He can only see it as ratting on someone and not as trying to save our country,” our source told us.

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