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AMBIGUOUS: Fox News Seems To Suggest Ted Cruz Was Previously Pressuring Senators Not To Join January 6 Fight


While Sen. Ted Cruz is receiving accolades for leading another 11 U.S. Senators into the January 6 Electoral College fight originally championed by Sen. Josh Hawley and Rep. Mo Brooks, an ambiguously worded paragraph in Fox News’ article seems to indicate Cruz may have originally pushed Senators to do the opposite.

Fox News wrote: “A source familiar with the effort by the GOP senators told Fox News that it was Cruz who orchestrated the push just days before the joint session of Congress on Wednesday to officially approve the Electoral College votes electing former Vice President Joe Biden.”

It is unclear if “the effort by the GOP senators” is the same item as “the push” that Fox News writer Adam Shaw referred to earlier in the paragraph. It would seem that Shaw is suggesting “it was Cruz who orchestrated the push … to officially approve the Electoral College votes electing former Vice President Joe Biden.”

However, Shaw and Fox News may have simply published a fundamentally difficult to read paragraph. The actual meaning may be “it was Cruz who orchestrated [the effort by GOP senators]” to object to the Electoral College votes on January 6.

National File has contacted Fox News to determine their meaning behind the paragraph and did not receive an immediate reply.

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Today Cruz and 11 other Senators published a statement indicating they will object on January 6, joining Hawley for a total of 12 Senators who have committed to the fight. In the House, over 140 Republicans are expected to object.

Cruz’s colleague in Texas, Sen. John Cornyn, offered a nonsensical understanding of the 12th Amendment as the reason he would not object. Cornyn claimed that a contingent election would allow House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s Democrat-led House to choose the next President. In reality, the choice would go to a the House, but each state would only receive one vote, likely resulting in a swift victory for President Donald Trump.

Cruz recently came under fire for allegedly fundraising off the January 5 Senate runoff in Georgia, only to direct the funds raised to his personal campaign. At this time, Cruz had not publicly committed to the January 6 Electoral College challenge.

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